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Visco, Director of the Revenue Agency: "Evasion? Thanks to technology, the data to fight it is there, but we can't use it"

Visco, Director of the Revenue Agency: “Evasion? Thanks to technology, the data to fight it is there, but we can’t use it”

Thanks to technology, it will be easier to fight tax evasion. But the data needed to detect evaders cannot be used. Reason? Various privacy regulations. to support him Ernesto Maria Ruffini In an interview with Corriere della Sera. “We have a great resource that can be useful to all of us. I point out tax evasion mountain The head of the Revenue Agency says that if it is recovered, it can be made available to a joint venture and restart the country’s engine, because with so little gasoline you can’t go far.

Escape, according to Ruffini, “still very high For various reasons starting from historical and cultural roots. In fact, data for the past few years tells us that it is slowly declining. Today, the epidemic made us realize how important it is to pay taxes for effective basic services.” Then the man who had been recalled by the Conte 2 government, after the experience of Paolo Gentiloni during the executive power, explained: “In recent years, Digitization It has allowed great progress to be made and A wealth of data and information available to us will allow more results Pioneer. But if we are not authorized to use it, the fight against tax evasion will always be with blunt weapons: like owning a car but keeping it parked in the garage.” Ruffini puts his hands forward: “Since protecting personal data is a must, but the right balance must be found, otherwise the The right of the individual transcends the right Collective to dispose of the resources derived from the payment of taxes.

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For the First Agency for Revenue, it is time for a “widely-shared” tax reform to ensure that new rules enjoy a certain stability over time and to avoid this from citizens to businesses to operators in the sector, including management, must constantly adapt frameworks changing organizational. Among the points to be tried areForest of Standards that characterize the entire tax system. But laws alone are not enough to change the lives of citizens. Even the best rules without an administration capable of implementing them become ineffective – explains Ruffini – public administration needs infrastructural resources and organizational capacity, and therefore, increasingly specialized human resources.”

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