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VIP Christmas shopping is all about luxury

There is a place where many VIPs (and only humans) meet in recent weeks. Any? Milano Centre. the reason? Feverish rush of Christmas presents. The perfect gift takes time and days are running out, so many stars flock to downtown stores for a bit of shopping. There are those who buy for their loved ones and those who think of themselves. However, there is only one common denominator: luxury.

All from King George

Christmas Shopping for the Stars: This is where the VIPs buy
Emma Brown

There are three VIPs who choose Giorgio Armani for their purchases. new mother Christian Capondi She let herself into fashion’s foray at this Milanese designer boutique. The actress was photographed walking down the street with a huge bag. same store for Emma Brown who, in the company of a friend, tried to disguise himself with a pair of dark glasses. Its casual and tailored look is paired with a shoe Dr. Martens and wallet Louis VuittonHowever, it does not go unnoticed. And then there Michelle Hunzikerwho went to Re Giorgio to fit out a still top secret project. What clothes will you choose?

Shop family size

Christmas Shopping for the Stars: This is where the VIPs buy
Serena Oteri with her daughter and husband

Couple shopping Anna Valley And the Constance Caracciolo. The first piece in the boutique was received by Prada with her lawyer husband Ulysses Lindaro While the second walked the streets of the center with her husband Bobo Fieri. for Serena Oteri Instead shopping is a family affair. The actress spent several hours in the shop Maurer With her husband and daughter: the three showed up with plenty of suitcases, sure filled with warm Veronese duvets.

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Sexy villages in the window

Christmas Shopping for the Stars: This is where the VIPs buy
Alessandro Borgo

Men are increasingly interested in appearance and physical appearance, and men certainly do not disdain shopping. Alessandro Borgo He spent the afternoon in a shop GucciIt is a reliable brand for important occasions. The actor has tried on several outfits, including exclusive capsule outfits Adidas. Between a sweatshirt and a jacket, Alessandro gave a sexy curtain of windows. When he took off the shirt, he showed off his sculpted abs and tattoos. And who thinks of Christmas gifts anymore? Peek at Borghi and all the other stars of the show.

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