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Ambra Angiolini, her life ruined by the dangerous situation: “I no longer have a leg” |  Sad revelation

Ambra Angiolini, her life ruined by the dangerous situation: “I no longer have a leg” | Sad revelation

Ambra Angiolini – Beeline

Ambra Angiolini and the story that marked her life. The presenter of many TV shows disgraced himself by telling an unexpected episode. The sad story shocked everyone and especially touched the artist.

Ambra Angiolini now She is a famous Italian actressTV and radio announcer. Icon of the nineties thanks to the program It’s not Ray He begins his career as a singer and enjoys great success with the song: i belong to you.

Ambra Angiolini was born on April 22, 1997 in Rome. Growing up in the Palmarola region, young Ambra attended a seminary run by nuns and studied dance. In 1992 he joined the cast It’s not Ray Thanks to his skill, he conquers all the audience.

Undisputed TV star He collaborates with Jerry Scotti, Mike Bongiorno, and Juliana De Sio And also on the radio (Radio Kiss Kiss and Radio due) and on MTV. She takes acting and we see her in Television, theater and cinema.

He is currently in a relationship with the former Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri, She was linked to the famous singer Francesco Renga with whom she had two children, Jolanda and Leonardo. It is said that the relationship between the two is coming to an end due to the many commitments.

Ambra Angiolini, the moment that changed her life

In recent months, he had to deal with situations that shook his life, foremost of which was a breakup Massimiliano Allegri, It was a huge blow for her and obviously also for her family. There were also other very complicated moments in his life.

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Amber Angiolini
Ambra Angiolini – Beeline

In one of her interviews, the actress A A very special episode that happened to her in her life, an episode that she still remembers with sadness and gloom. When it all happened Volunteering started. On that occasion, Angiolini held a theater lesson and asked some of the girls present to walk around pretending it was hot or cold.

Then Amber asked them to do so with one leg. All but two of the girls present participated. Then Angiolini I asked why they didn’t share with others. The response was shocking. “I no longer have a leg, I can’t walk,” That’s what a girl said to her. An embarrassing situation that puts him in trouble Amber AngioliniIn spite of everything, she was recognized for having done a good job, and with her compassion and sensitivity won the hearts of all of them.