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Venice Film Festival Red Carpet Report Cards: Ilary Blasi, Mary Poppins 5, Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo Uncoordinated 5 and Edwige Fenech, The Lady in White 7/8

Venice Film Festival Red Carpet Report Cards: Ilary Blasi, Mary Poppins 5, Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo Uncoordinated 5 and Edwige Fenech, The Lady in White 7/8

Caterina Moreno, strict 7.5

The most stoic of all is Caterina Moreno. Every evening: “One, nothing, one hundred thousand” on the red carpet. And many changes in the format. And what to say. Really “Belle de Nuit”. Like his Roger Vivier crystal buckle shoe model under a super chic suit/tuxedo. La Garçonne hairstyle. And what can I say, it was probably the look I appreciated the most until tonight.

Hofet Golan: Puff Pastry 4/5

sigh of relief. finally. ‘To come or not to come,’ said the gondoliers and canoeists to each other. Then here she is on the red carpet at Lagunare, global community figure Hovet Golan. We may have missed it earlier in countless photos. But this time we can regard it as his official baptism under the wings of the Leon d’Oro for the 2023 Festival. Houvet has accustomed us to the illusory kilometer explosions of fabric for the trains of his dresses, often under the Croisette floodlights. Enough to make even the palest meringue. However, this evening he opted for a yellow patterned puff pastry. This disappoints us a little. But he has a smiling personality. that’s good.

Bertrand Bonello: feigned frankness, 7.5

Director Bertrand Bonello has always had an evil eye. And so is her view. An impromptu fake mix of details. Tuxedo nuance with asymmetrical one-button closure. Elegantly Impossible. Black strap with pochette effect sunglasses in the pocket. Hairdressing takes care of moisture. And on the big screen, here is his latest work, “La bête”. The protagonist is artificially intelligent, but he is smart rather than artificially charming.

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Rose Bertram: See Book Impact, 5/6

Not even a drool for supermodel Rose Bertram. But “killer,” like the title of the movie associated with the red carpet she walks in, remains too luminous for her. Book look effect. The same situation with more character and vote will have the effect: “I’m going up, I’m going up.”

Christina Parodi: Fired and worn out, 5

Like her beloved sister Benedetta, the former Queen of the Kitchen, Cristina Parodi, perhaps the world’s most smiling journalist (worthy of Durban’s Volpi Cup), is shown wearing one of her very own Crida outfits. The effect of flying is always on, the canvas flies. And what I say: I cooked and dressed.

Pelayo Diaz: The Belén Effect, 5

From grumpy Iberia, here’s influencer Pelayo Diaz in an ultra-modern suit. With a sleeveless one-shoulder top version. But the riotous attitude (let’s say it!), of taking off his jacket to be photographed and dazzled, should have been accompanied by the phrase: “Oh mew dio! My shoulder pillow fell off. It is the historical phrases of Mademoiselle Belen Rodriguez.

Marisa Paredes: Immortal 7.5

Mindless star magic. She is one of Almodóvar’s most famous muses, Marisa Paredes. the weather? But who cares. The appearance? Elegant yet casual. It’s hot, wear light clothes. Just attending. We confirm and agree.

Ilary Blasey: Mary Poppins, 5

He tried to remain inconspicuous. This is how Ilari Blasi presented herself on the red carpet of the Filming Italy Award for Best Film with a briefcase. In fact, she seemed a bit confused in managing the small accessories. After the quarrel with the ex-husband for the exchange: a bag for the watch, and for the follow-up. Blassie looked a bit like Mary Poppins, but he wasn’t equipped. There is no jewelry but patent leather ankle boots under the corolla dress. In this case by changing the extras the amount will have changed

Carla Signoris: lukewarm, 5

Without a doubt among the most cynical and witty comedians on the block. as they say. Then with a husband like Cruza who gets angry. But there is no doubt that she doesn’t really like red carpets. Only the minimum wage. Tunic dress with slit, matching shoes and a contrasting shawl scarf. “You can give more!”

Edwige Fenech: Lady in White, 7/8

The Volpi Cup red carpet is out of competition. Former Giovanni (Deo Gratias!), Edwige Fenech, will opt for sobriety. Like a real lady, she appeared in a soft and flowing cream-white bodysuit, with a small choker neckline with large carats, and a short haircut. And… congratulations. A great lesson for her classmates today and yesterday.

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo: Uncoordinated, 5

To find out who recommended them, one should perhaps turn to: “Pedor ben Chimer, of the tribe of Ishtar, of the wilderness of Kefnir.” Thus one can understand why Rocco Papaleo (in the background) took the place of Aldo (Baglio) on the left, coordinating looks with Giovanni (Storti) and Giacomo (Burretti). Here Aldo with his casual “uniform” has the effect of a historic stop with the three men.

Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo: Scenography, 7

Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo “gave them an Academy Award” for their work as great designers. Here they are on the red carpet in mini version. But perfectly coordinated.