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Police Intervention - Libero Quotidiano

Police Intervention – Libero Quotidiano

Red Rooney Left outside the Messina Museum. The TV host asked to enter without showing the green lane. calendar? Ronnie stayed outside. He told it himself through a video that was subsequently relaunched on social media. Here is a conductor in the registry office Gabriel Ansaloni He commented: “They wouldn’t let us into the Messina Museum, Fabio de Bella (a friend of his from Messina, Ed) wanted to take me to see two paintings by Caravaggio. At the entrance they asked us to show ‘Pass-Verde’, to me, because I had cleared the day before to catch the plane, but I I did not intend to show it because the constitution takes into account the health status of the citizen Protect sensitive data From privacy.” At this point, the conductor asked to sign a permit” where I claimed I owned a Skif-Pass, but I was not going to accept the scan. Preventing you from enjoying culture is a The primary goal of this system. It is infuriating to ask for the “Green Corridor”. The director did not want to receive me, but we are resisting.”

Not long after the reply from the museum director, Orazio Micale: “We are a public service, respecting and enforcing the rules and making everyone respect them. Whether his name is Red Rooney or not. Unfortunately I find myself commenting on an action that I consider to be deliberate and with the intent of being anything but honorable, Mr. Rooney approaches the ticket office without bezelRefusing to wear it, as most of his comrades did. After which he refused to show the green lane.”

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Micale defines the situation that has arisen somewhat as “embarrassing”: “In the meantime we have Police intervention request Who got all our data instantly. I would like to repeat that the Museum is a place of culture, cultures, ideas and dialectics. A place that boasts the work of artists and geniuses who have also expressed their opposition through art. Because it is right to express one’s thoughts but with the right tools and to respect the thoughts and opinions of others.”

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