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Como: The second edition of “Limiti.Danza” is currently underway, the event that brings movement to the city

Como: The second edition of “Limiti.Danza” is currently underway, the event that brings movement to the city

Como’s research dance and dance theater finds a special place in which to intertwine, encounter, experiment and display beauty and creativity, to welcome and open up to the city through “new forms of life”.

The second edition of “Limiti.Danza” is currently underway

From Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September 2023 Villa del Gromelo with Serra, Park, Hall of Honor in Villa Olmo and other “peripheral” urban spaces such as “Braton” the former psychiatric hospital of San Martino and the agricultural Ruccolo. . Danza. Ecotonalità. Posture per coabitare”, an innovative event designed and organized by the association “Villa del Grumello”, which combines dance, theatre, landscapes, disciplines, stories, approaches and sensibilities of creative experimentation with new attitudes of engagement and exploration of “frontiers”, as a threshold for crossing and a margin for habitation and coexistence.

Citizens will also be the protagonists, as they are invited to participate and share experiences, places, practices and meetings. Three intense days that will see alternating performances, performances and workshops, for adults and children, with the presence of prestigious names such as some of the most famous troupes in Italy and abroad, which have made the history of dance and stage dance, such as Abbondanza / Bertoni, Sosta Palmizi, Scenario Pubblico / Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Teatro alla Scala and Dance Facts Research emerging and very interesting.

Villa del Gromelo

the program

The festival opens on Friday 8 September at 20.45 in Gromelo Park with three important experimental dance performances: “IKI” from the “Soul Trio” with Daria Menichetti And Francesco ManentiIt is a co-production of Sosta Palmizzi and DanceMe; “Self-Portrait Blooms” by and with Irene Ferrara And Mark Pericoli area company; “Obour” with Como cheese Roberta Guetta And Francesca Servelino by collective universe. Admission is 10 euros with reservations required.

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Saturday 9 September, again at 20.45, the Kermesi moves along the kilometer of knowledge in the Hall of Honor of Villa Olmo, where the Grand Dance and Dance Theater will be the protagonists of four performances of artistic excellence: Dancer’s Theater Elizabeth Engino The evening will start with a show in which the audience will participate; to follow the choreography Michael’s abundance And Antonella Bertone With the Privè/Dehors table annotated by Valentina Dalmas; Then the single “Tell Every Story” by the ballet dancer at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan Stephanie Balloon; Finally on stage “Clothing Diplomacy” by and with Philip Dominy And Eric Zarconefrom an idea Roberto Zabala. At the end of the show, an improvisational dance will be followed by “Poses for Coexistence”, which will include all the dancers accompanied by live music, sponsored by Mimi Duet with Flavio Menardo And Francis Mantero Based on Richard Minnie. Free entry with reservations required.

The festival will conclude on Sunday 9 September at 5.30pm in Gromelo Park with ‘Link’, an engaging show aimed at children and their families, proposed by the young startup group ABC – Allegra Cinematic Brigade. Admission is 5 euros with reservations required.

There will be physical workshops for the insiders but also open to all Elizabeth Engino “Meeting positions” (Saturday morning from 10 to 13.00, in “Bratone” in San Martino) and with Martha Luchini “Amphibios” (in Gromelo Park, Sunday from 11.30 to 17.30).

Added art practices with the Brera Academy, a course in art therapy and co-harvesting in the Roccolo garden in Sanino, in collaboration with the TerraViva association and the project “Let’s grow the suburbs”, energy practices with a lesson on “emotional environmental therapy” by Stephanie Balzarrotti In Gromelo Park, Sunday morning at 10.

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All initiatives – free or paid – require reservations and advance sales. During the events that will take place in Gromelo Park, the aromatic and spontaneous refreshments organized by the catering company La Breva will enliven. Detailed programs of shows and workshops and booking information can be found on the website