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Vegetable garden, forget water: start watering your plants with wine


Your garden can become very luxurious thanks to the little trick we inherited from our ancestors. Let’s see what it is.

Watering the garden with wine –

Yes, wine can make your garden plants grow more luxurious than ever before. Let’s find out how.

Vegetable garden: how to water it?

Gardening is a very good activity not only for the wallet but also for the soul. In fact, with a small (or large) home garden, you can meet your family’s vegetable needs. Moreover, by producing your favorite vegetables at a distance of zero kilometers, you will not need to buy them from elsewhere. Even health can thank you because, growing on your own, you know what to use for your garden and what not to use.

For example, many are keen not to adopt

Watering plants with wine
Watering plants with wine –

To use chemical fertilizers instead of completely natural fertilizers for their garden. In this way, the taste and quality of products from the garden can be much better. Among the natural fertilizers there is a drink that is considered the nectar of the gods: wine.

Why use wine

For your garden, we are not asking you to use who knows what kind of expensive wine belongs to who knows which wine. In fact, it will be enough if you use a recalled wine, perhaps advanced and slightly aerated. To use it, you will need Dilute it in the water Then use the mixture to water your plants.

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Red wine is a drink rich in mineral salts. The latter is able to make the land more fertile. In this way, the factory will be able to Grow more luxury. The flowers will also benefit because they will be more abundant.

So, in short, you will need a bottle with the remaining wine stock. Fill it with water and then water your garden. The tannin in the wine will act as a bactericidal, helping the plant roots a become more powerful.

Not only in the vegetable garden, wine will also serve you for the plants in the living room. For example, if you put a drop in the ficus, once every thirty days, you will be able to make the plant have a stronger stem and shinier leaves.

wine in plants
Wine in plants –

Once you’ve harvested vegetables from your garden, keep in mind that wine can be considered a true natural disinfectant, dissolving impurities and bacteria.


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