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Silent Hill, an internal teaser leaked indicating the date of the reveal [aggiornata] -

Silent Hill, an internal teaser leaked indicating the date of the reveal [aggiornata] –

Brief teaser Featured on Reddit Seems to reveal a file Date subordinate reveal officer the silent HillWhich is supposed to take place on July 12, according to the video. However, there are already many doubts about the authenticity of the infusion.

As you know, there has been talk for some time about the return of Silent Hill, the protagonist of several projects according to the latest rumors and therefore perhaps close to the appropriate presentation. It will really happen July 12?

Given that this type of material is usually shot off the beaten path, using digital zoom and obstacles in the field of view, Quality From the clip is already shown a little too high to be reasonable.

Of course, it’s also true that until now much has been seen that anything is possible, but perhaps the intervention of a knowledgeable leaker Dusk Golem can dispel doubts and confirm whether the joke is in fact Ordinary fake. what do you say?

Called out by several users, Dusk Golem voiced himself in the joke, repeating that he’s out of the leak scene and therefore doesn’t know when Silent Hill will be revealed, but said he’s pretty sure this video is fake, as anyone can create it using several Ready-made tools and templates.

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