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Valdetara's latest idea: choosing a school based on salaries and harassment at the library.  It insists on socially useful jobs

Valdetara’s latest idea: choosing a school based on salaries and harassment at the library. It insists on socially useful jobs

Select the The school Based on payroll And I put bulliesFor hours in the library alone instead of giving lectures. This is the latest outings of the Minister of Education and Merit Joseph Valetara so after “humiliation” slipThe suggestion Socially useful work At schoolthe idea of ​​removing I mobile phones From the classroom, he managed to generate controversy again on the Internet and beyond. Guest of the new SkyTg24 programme For dinner at Maria Latella’s With former minister Elsa ForneroAuthor James popes and journalist Bruno wasptenant of viale Trastevere, between one course and another served by young men in the uniform of a hotel institute at Rome, delighted his guests with his thoughts on the Italian school and on the introduction of the name “advantage” definition of the ministry.

He reached for dessert, and came back for an issue pendantsThe minister explained, “It is now difficult to enter the classroom due to incidents of bullying, Lack of discipline But also sometimes Neglecting Desirables, such as having the boy play with his cell phone while the boy explains, are becoming increasingly popular. What does it mean to limit yourself to comment? The idea ofSocially useful work that teaches you to take responsibility.”

At this point Vespa intervened and added his opinion: “A bully needs community ‘punishment’ Couldn’t it be spending four hours of lessons alone in the library? The minister’s positive reaction was immediate I nodded my head in conviction So much so that even the gesture of the right hand makes it clear. There was no shortage of reaction online with many taking the side of the minister and Vespa’s phrase: “The discussion level It is a delusion”; “I would suggest them socially useful jobs”; “Old trombone Who eat and drink with contempt widespread poverty About the country they talk about things they don’t know.”; “A bully is punished by being left alone for four hours Library. I don’t understand, should he be terrified to see books staring at him? These are just some of the many tweets that appeared on the show.

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But it’s not over yet. Shortly before the last session, the Minister returned to the issue of benefits, and pointed to a new initiative on his part that immediately aroused a discussion: “Parents are not adequately informed about the possibilities offered by the information system, nor about requests for the territory. I will send one. messagein particular for parents of middle school students, to make them aware of their needs Productive world for them Regions as well payroll. Often choices are unconscious and opportunities are missed.” Many people did not like the idea of ​​choosing a school based on salaries. However, this is the idea of ​​Giuseppe Valdetara who is still in the spotlight for his statements in speeches and interviews.

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