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Burnt pans: infallible ways to clean them without harm and effort

Burnt pans: infallible ways to clean them without harm and effort

Burnt frying pan (Streetfoodnews)

Here are the foolproof methods you can use to clean burnt pans. Once you discover it, you won’t be able to do without it.

Unfortunately, it often happens that cooking can damage the pans used Or even burn them. But what not everyone knows is that it exists Truly foolproof tricks To make it look like new. Let’s discover it together in detail because after trying it We will no longer be able to do without it!

How many times can this happen to us? To dispose of used pans Why without realizing they were burned? However, this is an unnecessary waste and can easily be solved with tricks.

So let’s avoid going to the first supermarket to buy new items and instead think To use simple tricks to make it look like new. This way we will finally be able to save a lot of money using very few products. So we are reminded that the cooking times are wrong It’s an easily solvable problemYou only need to put in a little effort!

So here it is Everything absolutely necessary we will need To make our burnt pots shine again.

What do we need when we burn our pots?

After we realized that we caused our pans to burn, the first thing we should do Fill the dish with tap water. At this point, we also pour in a little dish detergent and leave it to act for a few hours. However, this trick is particularly effective If the vessel in question is superficially burned. Conversely, if not, simply replace the dish detergent With a little vinegar We put everything on the fire until the water reaches a boil.

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with regard to Stainless steel pans and aluminum pansHowever, there are specific ways to avoid damage and fatigue. Here’s what they are.

Burnt pot
Burnt pot (Streetfoodnews)

The solution for steel and aluminum pans

As for stainless steel pans, all you have to do is prepare a mixture of baking soda with a little water On the burned areas in question. This way we will get great results while using a non-toxic paste, which is also ideal for avoiding further contamination.

However, you will need to clean aluminum pans with different products. In fact, it will be necessary Vinegar and hot water (instead of always baking soda and hot water). These two ingredients should then be left to soak for half an hour, until the burn completely disappears on its own.

So what are you waiting for continue At least one of these tricks is foolproof? It will make your pans sparkle again!