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Used car bonus up to €2,000: who can claim it?

Used car bonus up to €2,000: who can claim it?

When we talk about bonuses, the interest is always very high. What we cover today is particularly interesting because it deals with used cars.

Used Car Bonus 2024 –

There are many Italians who own it and would like to buy a new means of transportation, perhaps electric or Choose an economical bike. However, those who cannot do without a four-wheel drive car will find the bonus that we will explain shortly interesting, because it is an incentive thought up by the government for those who want to change cars. Let's see what it consists of.

Used Car Bonus 2024: Requirements

Getting around the city is essential for those who work, and there are some categories of people who cannot do without it The comfort of your car To move. However, sometimes there is a need to change it with a more modern one, considering that there are also interesting things. Incentives For those who decided to buy it.

Today we are talking about the used car reward, which is a support that can reach 2,000 euros and includes the public of citizens who want to return their used cars for Bought a new car or Rent it long term.

Incentives for scrapping used cars It is aimed at natural persons and is designed to purchase new M1 class vehicles, at least in the Euro 6 class, with a value not exceeding 25 thousand euros. (excluding value added tax) and who have not previously benefited from other incentives.

Used Car Bonus 2024 –

To reach this procedure there is a basic requirement, namely Cancel a vehicle owned for at least a year and in denomination not exceeding €5. The provision also includes resources that encourage long-term renting, if that solution is preferable to a new purchase.

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When will the 2024 car bonus come into effect and what means does it include?

We would like to point out that this reward has not yet entered into force, but it is a very important provision, which has been included in the context of measures aimed at moving towards Green vision Emissions are reduced, in this case thanks to better vehicles.

the new Environmental incentives program It will start in March and it will be Different based on car types. In fact, electric cars will be able to benefit from 240 million euros, while 150 million euros are allocated to hybrid cars.

However, the highest customization will be for Complete hybrid no Mild hybridwith more than 400 million euros.

But let's focus on the most important aspect: scrapping. This is supported up to the Euro 5 category, of which it is not yet part. The owner of the 2024 used car bonus can be the owner or a family member.

The maximum amount that can be reached is 2,000 euros and relates to the cancellation of a vehicle up to the Euro 4 category, in favor of a modern Euro 6 vehicle.

The pockets of Italians as well as the environment benefit from it, and this is the goal of the Italian government, which has guaranteed, among other things, 35 million in incentive for Bicycles, Quad bikes H MotorcyclesWhether electrical or non-electric.