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Italians are pessimistic about their financial situation and the country – last minute

Italians are pessimistic about their financial situation and the country – last minute

Just over 3 in 10 Italians feel their current financial situation has deteriorated in the past year, and slightly more for women. In fact, 38% of those suffering from exacerbation are women over 59 years of age with an average educational level.

This is revealed in the first snapshot of consumer sentiment uncovered by the ongoing monitoring of the EngageMinds Hub – Center for Consumer, Food and Health Research, the research center in consumer psychology and health at Catholic University.

When Italians are asked how they imagine their future economic situation, 3 in 10 assume they will be worse off, in line with those who think their situation has worsened, while just over 1 in 10 have a feeling they will be better off. From the current. Comparing data collected in previous years in more detail, the survey highlights that Italians' optimism about economic growth in the next 12 months has increased slightly: in 2022 it was 5%, in 2023 7%, and in the first month of By 2024 the percentage would rise to 10%. Looking instead to the not-so-near future, only about 1 in 10 Italians believe that over the next five years the whole country is likely to enjoy a period of sustained prosperity, while nearly 5 in 10 believe that unemployment and the economic crisis will worsen over the next five years. The next 12 months. This last type of negative feelings is prevalent among women (37%).

“The new data from the Engagement Monitor gives us a glimpse into a society that is more critical, disaffected and disdainful in health and lifestyle management and tends to be more pessimistic regarding social issues – says Gwendalina Gravegna, Director of the EngageMinds HUB Research Center in Cattolica and Scientific Director of the Investigation. “What is particularly worrying is the female target, who appears to be raising alarm bells regarding their financial situation in the near future.”

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