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US election 2024, Biden and Trump again paired in the polls –

US election 2024, Biden and Trump again paired in the polls –

Joe Biden has closed the gap and is back with Donald Trump In a poll ahead of the November 5 presidential election. In a recent survey conducted by The New York Times And from Siena College, Chancellor still leads by one point – 46 percent and Biden's 45 percentPlus 8 percent is undecided — but the two candidates are “practically tied.”

This is good news for the President, an earlier survey (published by The Wall Street Journal (April 3) The Donald leads in 6 out of 7 key states. In February, he had a five-point lead with 48 percent.

Biden owes this recovery Popularity returned among Democratic voters: 89 percent of Americans who voted for him in 2020 support him in this election campaign (for Trump, this number rises to 94 percent). According to times — the survey of 1,059 voters was conducted between April 7 and 11 — Biden's advisers are tapping into the fears of Democratic voters who are beginning to regroup to avoid a second Trump term. is the President Recovering votes among African Americans and HispanicsAlthough still far from the traditional support of both communities for Democratic candidates.

However, Biden has more than one disadvantage, starting with his age: For 69 percent of Americans, at 81 He is too old to be president. Then there's the economy — 63 percent of voters called Biden mismanaged — and foreign policy, where approval stops at 36 percent. Overall, 64 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.