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USA is the future national team built for the 2026 World Cup (must perform well now)

USA is the future national team built for the 2026 World Cup (must perform well now)

The United States is already eyeing a World Cup on home soil in 2026. They are very young, full of talent and making great careers in Europe. The face of the 2026 World Cup could be Giovanni Reina, who is already expected to do big things in Qatar.

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They haven’t started yet Qatar 2022 World CupIn the meantime, the national championship and the European Cup were blocked in the most beautiful moment, but many people are already thinking with great expectations and hopes. The next mega World Cup will be organized by USA, Mexico and Canada in 2026. It is going to be mega as a huge organization spread across three countries is already underway and 48 teams will participate in the tournament.

With the World Cup in Qatar, the generation that marks the 10th anniversary of international football will definitely say goodbye (we won’t see a Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo pairing at the next World Cup, for example) and many are thinking about it because it is necessary. We think about it a lot, especially Italians, have always been the protagonists of World Championships since 1934 (with a negative bracket in 1958) and have now been forced to sit on the sofa for two consecutive editions. Likewise, the national teams of the three organizing nations are looking forward to it with great expectations and confidence. Mexico It can always be drawn from a large national nursery Canada USA returns to World Cup after 36 years

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The system has already started, as well as the development of arenas, services and overall programs. There are two other fundamental elements that need to be started even earlier: First, football needs to start being known, appreciated and spread across the country, so that the mistakes made by the New York Times in 1994, a few days before its launch, are not repeated. Although no one noticed, the second most important sporting event on the planet was soon the tournament he held to wake up American readers. MLS is a beautiful reality todayStadiums are often filled with good teams full of top talent, especially Americans (both North and South) and an unprecedented heat for national soccer in the United States.

Together with the entire movement, it is necessary to form a group that will annoy the adults in 2026, thus creating an even stronger and decisive driving effect for the full commitment of soccer in the United States. It is being dug among many youngsters who are starting to choose football over other great American sports today Team USA is a mine of young gems distributed throughout the major European leagues. Based on the last calls of various teams participating in the World Cup, The lowest median age in the United States is 24.3 yearsTwo years younger than the runners-up, Ecuador and Morocco, with an average age of 26.3 years.

In Doha, highly motivated young players were invited to all departments of the team. Joe mentions only a few here Scaley 2002 Borussia Monchengladbach and Junus Musa 2002 by Valencia. The team coached by Greg Berhalter in Qatar is not only very young. There are elements of international values ​​such as Christianity Cleaning Brendan, of Chelsea Aaronson Leeds, Timothy Weah Lily and Josh Sgt of Norwich. Apart from the first one, they might not be names that you wouldn’t roll your eyes at, but they always left their mark on every team they played for.

Gio Raina, star of the US national team in Qatar, is the youngest of the 32 present

Gio Raina, star of the US national team in Qatar, is the youngest of the 32 present

The star we will see in this long football month is not a star like any other, a star who is inevitably very young, a reference to reach 2026 in the next four years, human and charismatic. World Cup at home.

Talking about Giovanni Reina, born in 2002, is the son of the unforgettable Claudio Reina, who led the U.S. to the quarterfinals at Korea-Japan 2002, made his debut with Borussia Dortmund at age 17 after growing up in New York City’s youth academy. Raina has everything to become the “American soccer player” we’ve been waiting for: physique, talent, technique, creativity, and the ability to withstand immense pressure and predictability. Qatar 2002 will whet his appetite for what’s to come in four years for him and this young American. If the seeding in this tournament is already at a level, the USA will not stand again until 2026, they will all be waiting at home with a mature team, full of international experience and no longer in awe.

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