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Forensic doctors dance to “Gioca Zoar” as they dissect corpses, professor: “It's a pause, a lack of respect” – video

Forensic doctors dance to “Gioca Zoar” as they dissect corpses, professor: “It's a pause, a lack of respect” – video

Footage of doctors dancing while dissecting corpses at the national course of the Italian Society of Forensic Medicine has gone viral and sparked a huge debate. But one of the leaders of that training event issued a lengthy memo defending his team's work and explaining what actually happened. With a clarification: “I can apologize on behalf of everyone who was there for what happened, but it was illegally circulated and fed to social media and the media as much as possible. Maybe to create some disturbance.” Professor Cristoforo Pomara, professor of forensic medicine at the University of Catania, explained the music-driven environment. “We worked for a week on very difficult dissection techniques, making the most of the time expected to operate in the anatomy room, from morning to evening, more than 12 hours a day.” A few seconds in the video was necessary to capture a moment of relaxation and ease the tension derived from the most delicate training activities. In fact, the video was created during a necessary break, I repeat, after 7 hours of very difficult anatomy sections that required enormous concentration”. Bomara underlined in several paragraphs how during the break of anatomy training abroad, illegally distributed video was produced on bodies provided for research and training purposes, therefore completely separated from the medico-legal professional context, not a forensic autopsy or a study. Diagnosis.

Reactions to the video

Among those wearing white coats were professors from Italy's leading universities, Ansa news agency said. Everyone was busy dancing, singing and filming the party on their cell phones while the post-mortems were being conducted. On the Internet they are described as a live autopsy session. It looks like colleagues are showing off some dance steps in the same classroom. The video also reached the devices of numerous medical examiners from other faculties who asked for formal designation. Health Minister Horacio Schillaci and medical association president Filippo Agnelli have been questioned for disciplinary action.

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