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US drone goes up in flames: Germany risks shooting it down, what happened

US drone goes up in flames: Germany risks shooting it down, what happened

It recently intervened in the operation, taking part in the warship's first force operation, repelling an attack by the Houthis in the Red Sea. Aspites, launched by the European Union to ensure safe navigation at sea. It is now revealed to be a German Bundeswehr warship HesseThe hero of the above story is A. who was unknowingly shot drone belonging to a friendly country during its operation.

Actions of the German fleet in the Red Sea

As reported by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a defense ministry spokesman in Berlin, said the German warship in question had already detected a drone in the operational area on Monday, which was initially not assigned to any allies. Hessen then attempted to shoot down the drone, but to no avail.

“The case was settled because it was not a hostile drone, as it became clear later“The German warship, before opening fire, asked all allies if one of their drones was in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation,” the spokesman added. “Only later was it discovered. An unregistered drone. But what exactly happened? Glass He added some remarkable details. Berlin's vehicle was almost shot down Drone Americano Because a Not enough coordination In various military missions in the Red Sea and Yemen.

Integration error

The Hessian crew accidentally fired at the drone reaper American. The drone would not have been shot down Technical defect Two Anti-aircraft missiles Then the Germans who fell into the sea. Upon spotting the drone on radar, the ship's crew reportedly turned to their US Navy counterparts. However, they were also unaware of the mission of the Reaper drone, which allegedly traveled to the area as part of a US counter-terrorism mission.

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After consultation with the Mission Keeper of wealthHessen's commander continued Glass, ordered to shoot at an unidentified drone flying towards a German warship. After launching two anti-aircraft missiles, a technical glitch occurred and both rockets fell into the sea. It was later revealed that the target was an American drone. The German Defense Ministry, as noted, did not specify the country of origin of the vehicle involved in the matter.

Some military officials said the incident highlighted the need to improve coordination between the various friendly missions operating in the region around Yemen. Several military officials have described the incident as downing a Reaper drone armed with Hellfire guided missiles. Following the action of the German battleship, tensions were high. The British military's United Kingdom Maritime Operations Center (UKMTO) said a rocket exploded near a ship sailing through the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen in the early hours.