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Elections push Calenda Piombino's reshuffle to the brink.  But in 2016 he blocked his stay in Trieste

Elections push Calenda Piombino’s reshuffle to the brink. But in 2016 he blocked his stay in Trieste

To support families and businesses affected by rising bills, the Draghi governmentBusy with running current events, he has a job A new order to calm the effects of gas and electricity prices. A new intervention could come next week, but in the meantime election campaigning continues with a view to the September 25 elections. And there are people like the leader action He was born The third pole, Carlo CalendaAll parties are requested to put will stand Instead the election campaign was about “bills and debate about how to intervene in energy”. The invitation was sent to the opposition, especially to the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta and President of the FdI Georgia Meloney There are a few basic things to be clear about: We will be responsible for the budget We want the Piombino re-gas plantLet’s go dragons, We are all asking for a very broad intervention, otherwise the Italian economy will go into recession very quickly.” And the president The third pole He continued, always on Twitter: “Stop the delay: The Piombino reclamation terminal must be built quickly: it is now a national security issue“.

In 2016 the Calenda was discontinued at the Trieste reprocessing plant

However, he headed the Ministry of Economic Development during the Carlo Calenda government RenziDuring the administration led by both Paolo Gentiloni. In June 2016, Calenda canceled the creation of another reformer from the government agenda. JalIn the province TriesteDesigned by the Catalan team Natural gas Since 2004. The stop came following an interview Deborah CerachianiAt the time Friuli was led by Venezia Giulia, and former mayor of Trieste, Roberto Cozzolini. Calenda, in his opinion, The plant is not a “strategic work”.He outlined that “there are other schemes already approved which, if implemented, can meet further needs” and hence “Building this infrastructure leaves the government’s agenda», presided at that time Matteo Renzi. The Need However, Calenda was a political choice at the Zaule re-gas plant.

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At the national level, in fact, the project closed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process in 2009. But at that time the then Governor Serachiani decided to challenge twice before the TAR the environmental compatibility judgment expressed by the Ministry of Environment. The technical team’s estimates are illegitimate and based on false assumptions. Between one appeal and another, the government intervened, which on June 10, 2016 decided not to proceed with the construction of the plant.

Serachiani’s tweet

It was a political choice Resistance Mainly revealed by local institutions. CerachianiIn fact, immediately after the stop he announced: “The government has for the first time expressed a decidedly negative orientation to a project, weighing the territory as a serious hypothesis: The restructured terminal is not compatible with the development of Trieste and the interests of the regional economy“.

A position supported by the Commissioner of the Port Authority, Geno D’AgostinoWho declared: “At last we can say to our investors that there is no more sword of Damocles than an i.The plant is not compatible with the port’s transportation and city’s development strategies“. In short, the Piombino regeneration plant is, today, “a question of national security”. In 2016, the one in Trieste was “considered non-strategic, because other projects involving more needs are underway”. , today we have crossed the line of “necessity.” It is an emergency, if you will, or a “question of national security.” For future reference: Estate Wallpaper.

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