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Black smoke all over the area

Black smoke all over the area

A tall column of black smoke hangs over the Milanese area A fire broke out at a company in Trucassano. Nine fire brigade teams from other provinces also intervened at the site and from Wednesday afternoon, February 28, were engaged in controlling and dousing the flames that engulfed the shed of the Plastic Material Transport and Storage Company. They were not injured or intoxicated.

Fire at Truccasano

A violent fire broke out around 4.30 pm in the building of Arcadia, one of the many companies in the industrial area of ​​the municipality of the province of Milan, close to the “Rivoltana” provincial road. Some are chemically hazardous.

The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained: at this time it was discovered that the roof of the building was on fire. Repair work on waterproofing. From the first findings of the rescuers, neither workers nor other persons were involved in the fire. However, 118 ambulance and medical vehicle arrived as a precaution.

Fire-fighting operations in a fire at a plastics company in Truccasano

Flames of a plastics company

Nine fire brigade teams from Milan are working hard to put out the fire that quickly engulfed the warehouse, above all to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to nearby buildings. One of thesePharmaceutical Storage Company.

Firefighters from Monza and Bergamo also came to support the teams that intervened on site. Police were at the scene. Among the damage caused by fire has increased KM, queues of trafficThe fire is caused by many onlookers who stop and slow down traffic to take photos.

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A pillar of smoke

A column of black smoke rose for kilometers from the massive fire, but according to the report MilanotudeIt is not clear yet The cloud is poisonous.

First response technicians from ARPA, the regional agency for environmental protection, travel to Trugazzano to check the toxicity of the smog that has covered part of Milan's skyline, recording air pollution levels. White Towers” ​​which took place in January.

Photo credit: ANSA