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United States, Climate Disaster: Fire, Hurricane and Drought from Northwest to Florida

United States, Climate Disaster: Fire, Hurricane and Drought from Northwest to Florida

Water, air, fire: This is a real climate catastrophe that will drown the United States in these hours. Canada is burning for several days, with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius due to unprecedented heat waves, i.e. 10-15 degrees higher than normal. Like the popular port of Vancouver in the British Columbia region, it touched 49.6 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature ever reached in Canada: at least 500 deaths and 240 fires. Meanwhile, in the northwestern United States, hellish temperatures are melting even the asphalt of streets: and residents of large cities such as Boston and New York are being asked to limit the use of appliances and air conditioners to avoid them. Risk of darkening.

Elsa is waiting for hurricane

If the north burns, there is a hurricane warning in the south of the country. Here’s Elsa’s scary in these hours: First Hurricane The season is actually heading towards Florida. After the small Antilles were devastated by its wind and heavy rains, it would not matter if it lost energy almost without touching the island of Cuba: where, it was reduced to a (severe) tropical storm, with “just” 3 deaths and 100,000 people evacuated, as well as landslides and floods. But now that it is targeting the south of the United States and ready to hit the Florida Peninsula – Republican Governor Ron Desantis has already declared a state of emergency – meteorologists fear a new strengthening “nourishment” by hot water on the eastern edge of the Gulf of Mexico. For this reason in Miami they rushed to finish demolishing the remains of a condominium that collapsed last June 24: despite the opposition of relatives of the victims, determining the controlled eruption of the last unsafe structures, only 28 bodies have been recovered from the 121 missing.

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Experts, on the other hand, have no doubt. It will be a hurricane season beyond normal, without reaching the crazy budget of 2020: yes, in short, the historic record last summer was seven hurricanes (two more than 28 in 2005) among the 30 hurricanes of the Govt emergency in South America. Of course, scholars explain, climate change does not directly affect the number of recorded cases. But they also help to make them more severe and destructive due to the increase in sea surface temperature. A study proven by the Glacius-Clapron equation that for every additional half-degree heat there is an increase of about 3 percent in the average content of that atmospheric moisture, which then acts as a fuel and, in fact, passes through the hurricane.

Hawaii Conflict

Water, fire … then there’s the Hawaiian conflict. Thanks to its tropical jungle, this archipelago, which was recently considered one of the wettest places in the United States, has become a hotbed of fire, much like California. Yes, even the territory of the islands this summer – says New York Times – It is two-thirds dry and prone to severe drought. But incredibly, the heavy rains of recent years are to blame: they allowed unlimited growth of invasive plants, which then dried up with intense heat, becoming highly flammable, feeding on dozens of fires.

Hurricane Yusa, Sally: More than 500,000 Americans without electricity. “Four months of rain in four hours”

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This summer is a turning point for enthusiasts: the impact of climate change is so obvious (even in other parts of the world: see the devastating fire on the island of Cyprus) it can no longer be ignored. But in the meantime, they accuse, not even the president Joe Biden This has led to climate change at the center of its agenda. No more time. The Apocalypse is already here.