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"Where does he want to get out of the hospital", 007 had already been warned - Libero Codidiano

“Where does he want to get out of the hospital”, 007 had already been warned – Libero Codidiano

After colon surgery, Pope Francisco It is already working to organize the next stages of its visits abroad. “His Holiness Pope Francis – said the director of the Holy See Press Office Matteo Bruni – Has good general condition, alertness and spontaneous breathing. Surgery for diverticular stenosis performed on the evening of July 4 included left hemicolectomy About 3 hours “. As per Percoglio is now planned “Staying in the hospital for about 7 days without complications”. Meanwhile, the Pope has already planned his next trip. The goal? North Korea.

The news agency reported Fights, Citing his local sources. A South Korean intelligence chief said one was working Pope Francis’ visit to North Korea. As announced Park Gee-won Following a mass rally in Mokpo, in the southern province of Jiolla, the director of the National Intelligence Service reported on a meeting with the archbishop. Kim Hee Jung And Apostolic Nuncio to South Korea, Archbishop Alfred Zurep. The basis of the meeting would have been precision Percoglio’s visit to Pyongyang.

In the past, Pope Francis has already expressed a desire to go to North Korea if formally invited. In 2018, during a meeting at the Vatican South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Pope Francis receives a “verbal invitation” from the President of South Korea, presented by the Supreme President of North Korea Kim Jong Un. “If God wills, Pope Francis can go to North Korea to begin a new era of peace. His visit will be a starting point for an era of reconciliation, reconciliation and unity in the name of the gospel,” the father commented. Tin an nu nuen, Director of Agency Fights and General Secretary of the Pontifical Missionary Union.

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