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San Figliulo da Casio, Ferragani and John Bananas: So, today ...

San Figliulo da Casio, Ferragani and John Bananas: So, today …

– Then Michela Murkia Scary (brrr, what a fear) uniform General Figliuolo, Now Tomani’s snack comrades (de Benedetti’s newspaper) are angry at the commissioner for addressing a prayer to St. Rita of Cassia, asking him to help Italy “get out of the plague.” In practice, from the eyes of those present, the soldier now looks like a dangerous crusader knight. But please us

– Italian and English fans go to the Wembley song “Hello beautiful”. It was so much better when they were “bo-po-ro-po-po-po-po”

– Drama Fedes e Ferragni They make you look like Renzi. There will be a lot of flaws in this, but politics can chew it up. To “do” politics is to live in parliament and be aware of the dangers of secret ballot, the need to compromise, agreements and mediation. “I write Italian politicians”, which set you up as an LGBT champion, is pretty awesome, and you’re collecting a lot of options. But politics is a different matter, and this time Renzi is right. It is better to leave it alone in FedEx because the anti-censorship martyr who censored himself and sang songs against homosexuals does not need to pay much attention.

– Come on Assuri

– On top of that ddl John We are going to clash in the chamber. In practice, the Democrats sent Salvini and Renzi to the country to propose mediation. Probably a deal, if Letta had wanted one, they would have figured it out. But the Democrats preferred a frontal conflict, falling into a secret ballot and thus destroying the law forever: fortunately they defended LGBT rights. Here it seems to me that this is a way to go against Renzi

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– Question Schengen visas Stolen from the Italian Embassy in Islamabad. A total mystery, so far De Mayo has not said a word yet. E, Kikino: Aren’t you the owner of Barnacina? Meanwhile, the FDI has filed a question: we will see …