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Two died and three were injured

Two died and three were injured

The pregnant woman’s baby was delivered by caesarean section at a hospital in Pisa and then taken to the Mayor’s Hospital in Florence. The little one is fine. The 26-year-old was 31 weeks pregnant. The woman’s partner was not involved in the blast. The other victim was a family member, a woman in her 60s, and the injured were two truck drivers who were traveling in a pickup truck on the road. KamaiorHospitalized in White Code: Per Head traumaAnother one Discharges.

The explosion took place inside the building Two floors And divided into two real estate units. The structure collapsed Around 2:40 p.m. Dog units and Uzar teams also intervened on the spot. 118 people were employed Pegaso Helicopter Rescue And regional structure was also warned cross (Remote Operations Center for Medical Rescue Operations).

After the terrible RoarClearly felt in the area, chaos broke out and they registered Moments Panic. The explosion practically destroyed the entire house they were walking towards Update In the outer area.

dead and wounded – The blast victim was first reported missing. Another couple lived in an apartment with husband and wife aged 29 and 26. Pregnant and burned, she was not at home when she was taken to a hospital in Pisa.

Litter of dogs found alive – A litter of dogs, consisting of about 15-20 specimens, was extracted from the wreckage still alive. Firefighters digging through the blast site found the animals. Dogs, including some dachshund puppies and a German shepherd, have been handed over to ASL’s veterinary service.

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the witness – “It was a very strong explosion, the glass reached my house”, said a person who lives near the house that was torn apart by the explosion. The explosion occurred a stone’s throw from the road.

Luke in mourning – The Mayor of Lucca, Mario Burdini, announced that a minute of silence will be observed for the victims at the opening of Lucca Comics on Friday. “It is a real tragedy – Bardini said – there are no words to describe the devastation we encountered in that place”.