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Unemployment, €1,000 more for everyone: increases also for those who have already requested Naspi

Unemployment, €1,000 more for everyone: increases also for those who have already requested Naspi

For unemployment, an additional 1,000 euros will be provided to everyone. Increases are also expected for those who have already ordered Naspi: here's what to know and what's new.

In a few days, INPS will formalize the increase in Naspi and Dis-Coll. This means that unemployment benefit amounts will also be reassessed based on inflation rates recorded during 2023.

The allowance increases for everyone –

Istat has made it official The inflation rate in 2023 reached 5.7%. This means that the unemployed will be able to access the support tool to increase the cost of living. The new INPS circular has announced that there will soon be new quantities of Naspi and Dis-Coll, but the new benefits are already known.

We're talking about 1000 euros more in unemploymentThis is an amount that will certainly ensure greater economic stability. It is good to remember that the new rules only apply in relation to allowances paid in 2024. This means that there will be no recalculations or increases for current Naspi and Dis-Coll recipients.

Unemployment is rising: here are the new numbers

It should be noted that revaluation is only applied during the NASPI calculation phase. This means that people who will lose their jobs in 2024 will be able to enjoy more favorable rules compared to those who become unemployed in 2023 or in previous years.

Unemployment increase: news
What's new in unemployment benefits for 2024 –

Beyond what we see with pensions, Unemployment benefits already paid, as already expected, will not see an increase. To be honest, you have to worry about the cuts too, because from the 6th month onwards your proportional amount will be reduced by 3% every month. The cutoff, which will begin from the eighth month, for those who have reached 55 years of age at the time of submitting the application.

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Let's look at some practical examples to understand what will change. Consider a person with The gross salary is 1,400 eurosThe size of unemployment in 2023 was calculated in this way: 75% of €1,352.19; 25% of the remaining amount, therefore 47.81 euros: 11.95 euros. In total, The person was entitled to receive €1,026.09This amount, as we mentioned, decreases continuously by 3% from the sixth and eighth months.

In 2024, the amount will be calculated with the same salary as follows: 75% of the full amount, so we are talking about a sum 1.050 euros. Compared to the previous year, as we can see, there is a difference of about 25 euros compared to 2023. The revaluation will certainly please many people.