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What are the pros and cons of an air fryer?  You won't have any doubt anymore

What are the pros and cons of an air fryer? You won't have any doubt anymore

If you are thinking about buying an air fryer, it is time to study the advantages and disadvantages of this device, which for some time has become a part of the accessory that many Italians do not intend to part with.

Air fryer. What are the pros and cons of this device (

Perhaps we can begin by pointing this out Works like a toaster ovenDue to its properties: It distributes heat evenly in the dishes being cooked. A method that guarantees an unexpected result, because it will allow you to put delicious, crispy, well-cooked but not fried lunches on the table and using a very small amount of oils or seasonings.

How an air fryer works

Air fryer It allows food to be cooked only thanks to the high air temperature Which reaches 180 degrees and up to 200 degrees. Foods that we are usually accustomed to dunking in oil for flavor and crunch will achieve the same result but only if they are surrounded by boiling air in a completely uniform way. The function of this device is compared to that of a ventilator oven, although due to its size it requires less electricity consumption, as cooking times are shortened precisely due to its size, which is much smaller than any oven.

Air fryer
The air fryer is also useful for cooking vegetables (

Advantages and disadvantages of air fryer

It appears that the air fryer has a number of… Advantages of no small importance: energy saving, cooking without adding fat, faster meal preparation, productivity, the ability to keep the nutritional properties of foods intact including the oil used as seasoning, and last but not least, its components can be easily inserted into the dishwasher, due to its very small dimensions. On the other hand, if we really want to find drawbacks in this device, there is the fact that it will not be possible to cook multiple foods at the same time as it happens in a classic oven. But is this a big drawback?

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What can you cook with an air fryer?

The truth is It can be used to cook a wide variety of dishesI, from the most common potato chips and cutlets, to chicken and fish, but also vegetables and not less than sweets, as well as the possibility of using them to heat already cooked foods. The functions are therefore really diverse and seem to completely compensate for the use of an oven or a classic frying pan.