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Ukraine now confirms: “We killed Iranian military advisers who were flying drones for Moscow.”

Ukraine now confirms: “We killed Iranian military advisers who were flying drones for Moscow.”

Iranian military advisors who allegedly helped Iran have been killed Russia To pilot the drones used to attack Ukraine in recent weeks. This was announced by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksey DanilovWhich confirmed the rumours Israeli press In October for the killing of Iranians in Crimea. Danilov claims that the Iranians were on the occupied peninsula to help the Russian army use Watch 136 armed drones Provided by Tehran. According to Israeli sources, 10 Iranian soldiers were killed, while Danilov did not specify the number. Kyiv officer – taken from guardian He issued a warning to the Iranians against targeting any military presence they have in Ukraine. “You shouldn’t be where you shouldn’t be,” he said. They were on our lands. “We did not invite them here, and if they collaborate with terrorists and participate in the destruction of our nation, we must kill them,” he added.

Drones leaving Ukraine in the dark

Drones have been used in Russian airstrikes since October Energy infrastructureUkraine. Many areas were left without electricity, including much of the capital KyivWhile the winter cold makes its way and endangers the lives of thousands of civilians in the country. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky She described the recent Russian attacks as a “crime against humanity” while addressing the Security Council’s Security CouncilUnited nations Yesterday, Wednesday, November 23. Tehran At first he denied submitting it Drones To Russia, only to change the version and announce that they only made a small number, months in advance Russian President Vladimir Putin He launched the invasion of Ukraine last February.

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