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Attacked and insulted by the crowd

Attacked and insulted by the crowd

there Mayan pyramid From Kukulkan It has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1988, and recently, it was included in the New Seven Wonders of the World. An impressive temple making site Chichen Itzain MexicoA very popular tourist destination. However, not everyone knows how to behave in the face of some masterpieces of history. Last Monday, a tourist decided to climb the steps of the pyramid, and climb to the top of an ancient Mesoamerican temple. The woman – whose personal details were not disclosed – violated the regulation of the archaeological site: in fact, it is strictly forbidden to climb the building.

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The guards intervened immediately and took the disrespectful tourist down. But the strongest reaction came from the crowd surrounding the pyramid, which began to push the woman out of it. As evidenced by the many videos shared on social media, those present tried to take justice into their own hands with the protagonist. Among other things, before descending from the pyramid, the woman showed a defiant attitude towards those who ordered her to leave, which unleashed the anger of the people.

As if that wasn’t enough, some people even tried to physically assault the tourist. As she was being led away, the women pulled her hair. Others poured water on her. “That is why there is no disrespect for the historic Mayan pyramids,” one user wrote on TikTok. Thus, the disrespectful tourist’s trip to Chichen Itza ended in the worst possible way.

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