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We are led by stupid leaders.

We are led by stupid leaders.

AGI – By releasing the old slogan “We’ll Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump concluded his speech at the conservative conference in Orlando, Florida. The former president seemed less jovial than usual, reproposing the usual repertoire of direct accusations, some baseless, of self-glorification, but with the novelty of honoring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is defined as a “brave man”.

At least three times the audience stood and applauded the Ukrainian people, who were attacked by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. But in the evening when Trump claimed credit for being “the only president of the twenty-first century in which Putin has not attacked any other country,” the billionaire wanted to return attention to domestic issues, relying on the crisis in Europe taking place inside America, “a country that has become stupid,” Led by stupid leaders,” as Democrats want “to replace democracy with tyranny.” Trump has raised immigration concerns, calling on Republicans to “obstruct the Supreme Court” and avoid the “attack” of the radical left.

Noting the appointment of Kitangi Brown-Jackson, a former civil rights activist, and first African-American female judge, appointed by President Joe Biden. The audience followed the speech with the usual fidelity, and entered into fits of kidnapping twice, first by referring to his zero “record” of Russian conquests, and then when he called “str…” the negation of the alleged election. scam. But the billionaire, as we mentioned, seemed less powerful, and far from rioting at rallies, in places where they rarely saw Trump live.

The audience consisted of many managers who were accustomed to the speeches of the former president. The last song, picked up from the speakers, was the same as always: “Hold On I’m Coming,” essentially titled The Billionaire Show: “Resists, I’m Coming.” It could be a Trump slogan. 2024, the year of the next US presidential election, is getting closer and closer.

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