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UK, chaos at BBC: Footballers and staff boycott sports broadcasts after Gary Lineker suspended

UK, chaos at BBC: Footballers and staff boycott sports broadcasts after Gary Lineker suspended

The media storm that engulfed Gary Lineker, the sports commentator, has turned into a political issue BBC And a former professional football player. In recent days, Lineker criticized on Twitter the British government's new rules on immigration, which would deny those who arrive illegally in the country the possibility of seeking political asylum. “It is an endlessly cruel reform that targets the most vulnerable people, whose language is not much different from that used by the regime.” Germany in the 1930s», wrote the journalist from BBC. This intervention did not go unnoticed and prompted the British Public Broadcasting Corporation to stop Lineker from hosting its main football programme. Today's match. But the decision sparked a wave of discontent among the English public and among the employees who announced it Interrupt the broadcast From the weekend. “The real problem is that BBC She has jeopardized her credibility with this decision,” he commented today – again in BBC – Former General Manager of English Public Television Greg Dyke.


Lineker did not comment on the latest developments in the political earthquake caused by his statements. During a live television broadcast to his colleague Dan Walker He read a private conversation between the two, in which Lineker wrote to him: “No BBC He asked me to back off.” Meanwhile, the controversy continues to grow. There Premier League The 12 teams that will play today have been informed that players and coaches will not be asked to be interviewed Today's match, the program that until a few days ago was hosted by Gary Lineker. According to reports in the English media, the program will be broadcast Without advance In studio, experts or commentators. The Premier League's decision to join the boycott of public television networks also derives from the fact that many players have speculated that they want to decline a post-match interview with the club. BBC On this championship day. the Football Players Association English, Professional Footballers AssociationHe welcomed the Premier League's stance with satisfaction. In the past hours,'The English Broadcasting Corporation has apologized to its staff for the inconvenience caused in the workplace, especially among those working in sports broadcasting. while Ed DaveyThe leader of the Liberal Democratic Party called for the resignation of the party president BBC Richard Sharp.

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Cover photo: EPA/Alejandro Garcia | Journalist and former English footballer Gary Lineker receives the Sports Journalism Award in Barcelona, ​​Spain (October 24, 2022)

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