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TV in the living room, how to best combine it with the rest of the furniture

TV in the living room, how to best combine it with the rest of the furniture

Some designers shared their favorite tips on how best to arrange a TV in a living room: Here are some of the most effective tricks.

Furnishing your living room is not an easy task, also taking into consideration the choice of TV. Acquire The console that hosts the screen It is even more difficult: the latter must occupy the space without distracting the real protagonist: the television screen and It should fit well with the rest of the furniture.

To complicate matters further, the style of the living room should look good next to the TV, whether it is on or off. For this reason, some experts come to help for advice. Four interior designers have revealed the best way to integrate a TV into a living room. Interiors offered a lot of tips: some classic, some unexpected, all easy to recreate at home: let’s discover them together.

TV in the living room: Here’s how to place it perfectly like a designer

Some designers have revealed some tips to better integrate the console with the TV screen in the living room. Experts have mentioned this The ideal solution is to mount the TV on the wall. This option frees up space on the console and makes watching TV easier. According to experts, it should be hung near the console.

Another tip is that Keep furnishings to a minimum. On the TV console Three decorative elements are enough: A woven bowl, a plant pot, and a collection of books. In the world of interior design when decorating the TV console, Framed pictures are never recommended. “There are no framed pictures above the console,” says Sarah Cole, principal designer at Sarah Cole Interiors. “You already have a TV there, and it’s a giant picture. You don’t need any more pictures.”

TV console in the living room: tricks

TV console in the living room: all useful tips from experts (

Keep the basic, ugly stuffsuch as remote controls, cables, and video game controllers, Out of sight and away from the console. “A TV console should have space to store items when not in use, so you can keep the top dedicated to some special decor items,” Conner says. “It should not be a place for remote controls, consoles and games, because the main purpose of a media console is to store these types of objects.”

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Instead of covering your TV console with bold objects, experts recommend Transform it into an innovative piece of furniture. “Paint the entire console and make it stand out,” Conner says. “It’s less visual clutter than having a bunch of stuff on top.” A common mistake people make when decorating a TV console is placing too many objects or objects that are too high above the TV. Long decorative elements should occupy the sides of the console, As it will not cover the screen.

If you end up with some wires along the walls, you need to Cover it with cable channels: Sleek lines specifically designed to hide. Also, instead of purchasing a standalone TV console, experts recommend Invest in a built-in TV console. “The room will look more finished with a built-in console than with a freestanding console,” Cole says. “It’s an investment, but it has a big impact.” Last but not least the advice is that Leave the TV console unadorned; Focus your decorative attention elsewhere.