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Transportation: Uber's turning point in the book of trains, flights, and hotels

Transportation: Uber’s turning point in the book of trains, flights, and hotels

Uber It is preparing to become an “excellent travel app” by adding the option to rent trains and cars to the current offer, and later open it for flights and hotels.

Uber new age starters will be served United kingdomIt can be purchased as early as summer 2022 Train and bus ticketsuntil the solution is presented car rent.

A year later, at least according to current plans, Uber will be launched in its app Flights and hotel area, to give users the opportunity to purchase the entire ride. The project, according to the international press, does not provide for the direct sale of tickets but In partnership with a number of platforms.

Novelty follows the latest product launched, i.e. Uber explorewhere people can book experiences, lunches, dinners, or even live events.

“Each of us appreciates the freedom to organize a trip with simplicity and comfort – he said Jimmy Heywood, Uber’s regional general manager for UK, Northern and Eastern Europe – for years we’ve been offering the possibility to ride a bike or even a scooter, adding trains and buses is a natural progression. We will then move on to flights and hotels, to create a door-to-door travel experience.”

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