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Towards the mandatory green corridor for public servants and essential service workers

Towards the mandatory green corridor for public servants and essential service workers

The Draghi government Thinking of the idea of ​​making green pass for some categories of workers. First of all, public sector employees. Then for others as well, first of all for operators of supermarkets and basic services. While it was an ideaVaccination commitment for school workers. The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi Wants to provide institutions with a list of employees who have a green certificate COVID-19 To make checks faster for managers. And to allow checks to be focused only on that portion of employees who have a short green lane that is replenished by swab every 48 hours. In the meantime, the pass moves toward the deadline extension.

Towards a mandatory green passport for public sector employees

The idea of ​​a mandatory green corridor for public administration and to ensure continuity of services was launched yesterday by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Andrea Costa: “The green corridor must be completely extended – he toldHealth Adnkronos To get our country back to normal. It is no longer accepted that citizens who need an ID card in the municipality or companies that need a certificate have to listen to public administrations that are weeks or months apart.” This is because “smart action was useful because in the most complex moments of the epidemic it allowed us to manage The country” but “today I say more Green pass, work less smart. Even the public sector must return to work in its presence because if we want to return to a normal country and our country recover, this must also pass by reopening our public offices and services to citizens, because in In some cases this is so. A matter of guaranteeing not only services but rights.”

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Thus, the mandatory Green Passport is also “for public transport employees, supermarket operators, etc. There are certain categories – emphasized the Undersecretary – which, in my opinion, extending the mandatory nature of the green corridor becomes an element of guarantee to ensure that our country continues on the path of a gradual return to normality.” We cannot go backwards.” And a move by the government in that direction could soon come. “There is a certain sensitivity to thinking about and predicting expansions – as Costa said – because when we outlined it as a standard to ensure safety and traceability, I don’t understand why it can’t be expanded,” said Costa. To include other classes. On the other hand, we started with the school staff because – he explains – this is the first appointment and in mid-September we can’t afford to fail to start classes in person. But then we have other goals.”

Extending the green corridor for one year

Meanwhile, the validity of the Green Corridor will be extended from nine months to one year. The Scientific Technical Committee will have its say on the government’s guidance, possibly by October. That is when the first certificates of those who were vaccinated at the beginning of the campaign, i.e. at the end of 2020. Republic Today he explains that those who work in health facilities are now obligated to vaccinate and in recent weeks the work of No Vax is suspended. But soon the problem will arise over who is coming to work with an expired Covid-19 green certificate: No one thinks they can vaccinate health professionals with the third dose while there are still 4 million over their 50s without a vaccine. This is why Filippo Agnelli, president of Fnomceo, the Federation of Medical Requests, is asking the government to intervene: “The validity of the Green Corridor has already been extended: in the beginning it was six months. They will have to extend it further. I understand you want to move forward step by step, but I’m expecting the green light. Among other things, CTS said the third doses should be given primarily to people with immune problems.”

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But to extend the duration of the Green Corridor to one year, it will be necessary to coordinate with Europe, because the European Convention is also valid for nine months (but starting from two weeks after the second dose). And while Bianchi awaits approval from the privacy guarantor to provide administrators with the lists, today Tito Boeri and Roberto Perotti are calling for the introduction of compulsory vaccination in schools and universities: “Compulsory vaccination would reduce the risks of new closures, potentially having devastating effects on an already tested generation of students The results of the Invalsi tests document that not only was there an overall deterioration in education levels in the participating PA schools (middle and high schools), but above all that the cumulative learning delay in the school year was twice as strong for students from unfavorable socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Faced with these numbers, it is no longer possible to continue with compulsory vaccination even in schools.”

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