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Best interest bearing coupon at the end of August?  It's the multiplication process

Best interest bearing coupon at the end of August? It’s the multiplication process

The interest-bearing coupons tool is still among the most popular as a form of investment. And 4×4 climbs positions…

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A tool that has proven itself time and time again is the postage coupon that carries interest. In fact, in some circumstances, it has proven itself as a fairly effective investment method, even more so than others. This is because it can be adapted to different contexts And many more needs, including the needs of the little ones. However, since there is only one, one wonders if there is anyone, more than the others, who can bring the aforementioned good qualities to the franchise.

At the end of August 2021, for example, the 4×4 interest payment slip deserves special attention. That is, the one that offers the highest total annual return to maturity in a group of bonds. However, it must be said that if you choose this coupon, it should be a long-term strategy. interests, in fact, Mature even after 16 years. And the belief that interests, at the moment, are even lower than they were a few months ago. However, the downside game did not diminish its value.

4 x 4 Interest Pay Coupon: That’s why it’s the cheapest

It is primarily a question of flexibility. That is, payment can be made at any time. Not to mention that after 4, 8 and 12 years, the right to recognition of interests accrued up to that point will become vested. The advantage of not having underwriting costs is also common in other interest-bearing bonds. There is also a 12.50% subsidized tax. on interest. For a subscription, the procedure is standard: just go to the post office with the tax code and document. Otherwise, the procedure can be done online on the Poste website, as well as via the BancoPosta app.

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In terms of the interest offered, the 4×4 4×4 coupon offers a subtle advantage. The actual total annual return was 0.20% at the end of the fourth year. However, at the end of the eighth, 0.30% interest will be accrued. At the end of the twelfth year the interest will be 0.40%. of 0.75% at the end of the xvi. In short, by investing 1000€ in 4×4, after 16 years, you will get a return of 1111.12€.