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Totti and Elari check the item in case they break up

There is a really compromising clause that seems to have put Francesca Totti in the split agreement with Ellari Blassi, but would such a decision be right for her?

In addition to talking about betrayals, adventures, and leaving for shores far beyond the reach of public opinion, To stay on guard over the split between Ilari Blasi and Francesco Totti There will also be divorce practices where they begin Mark some items.

Many are strictly related to The division of assets is really confusing, but we will see later, While others are concerned with the private lives of the two of them and how they will have to act accordingly. Looks like the former Roma captain decided to enter a completely invalidated warrant against him Ilary who has to respect her, which puts her in a very uncomfortable position.

In short, the split between Ilari Blasi and Francesco Totti is not easy, it is not just a matter of understanding if the football champion really did. An adventure (or maybe more) with floral designer Noemi Bocchi, Here there are very complex practices related to the life of a married couple for 20 years with three children.

Nuovo Tv, s. weeklyIt seems that in the Secession Agreement, a clause was imposed by Totti himself Which obliges Elari to stay and live in Rome.

This novelty is in complete contrast to the latest news they saw thereBeautiful presenter ready to pack his bags to move to Milan, As many work commitments await her, and moreover, it seems that the famous presenter wants to move to Milan To get close to one of her best friends, host Silvia Tovanen.

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In fact, the two have known each other since they were very young and together they began to take their first steps in the world of entertainment, becoming Iconic messages from the show hosted by Jerry Scotty Passaparola.

But this attitude doesn’t seem to go to the genius at all for Francesco who doesn’t want Elari to move out of the capital with the possibility of having to stay away from his children as well. Christian, Chanel and Isabelle, the boys are actually, ages 17 to 16 up to 6 years oldThey are very close to both parents and Francesco does not want to spend long periods away from them, For the former champion it will be a terrible suffering.

Francesco Totti crying

The solution initially leaked by Repubblica told a different story, Or the kids will stay in the huge villa in the eurozone And it will be the parents who take the leave to stay with them, without having to ask their children to share a week with one and a week with the other, while respecting their work obligations.

In fact, this is exactly how they are now with the holidays in Sabbadia, Where was Elari before and now she’s moved in with Francesco in a cold, separate exchange of keys.

We will soon know if Elari will accept Totti’s condition or move to Milan, in the meantime we will have to divide the economic empire Over the years it has accumulated a real fortune.

That ex-couple Totti is A real economic empire Which sees the beauty of seven companies, including a holding company with assets of seven million euros and some companies in the name of relatives, see the mother, brother and cousin of the former footballer.

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Elari Blassie is angry

But not only did Totti involve the family, Elari also passed on some activities to his sister. In addition, they will have to decide how the properties will be divided, including the villa in the Eur district, the much-talked-about residence in Sabaudia and the apartment in Casal Palocco where Totti lived before marrying Ilary.

These are really mind boggling characters, Also considering that over time the two have always worked with profits They are about 100 million euros. What they will have to do to find the right agreements will be hard work.