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Vasco Rossi: “Here we are, we are full of trouble. I feel an avalanche of public ignorance coming. Salvini and Meloni? There is a constant sowing of hatred and division.”

Vasco Rossi: “Here we are, we are full of trouble. I feel an avalanche of public ignorance coming. Salvini and Meloni? There is a constant sowing of hatred and division.”

Russian Vasco back as promised”alive, healthy and shiny“Seven years later – from the last album”I am innocent“, 6 times platinum and best seller of 2014 – with new”we are here” Produce On November 12 And we checked it out. It’s the bright and lively X-ray of our time: From fluid love to bad days, from the topic of ignorance to a redemption pact between couples who now feel feelings like a permanent auto showroom. Quote from “just us– Who will turn forty this year – toWe are alone” a “we are hereThe red thread is that.beTo convey an idea Collective and the importance of humanity. The record was released between January and May of this year and is the eighteenth album.So I’m coming of age“Here we are” is basically an escape from reality: “That’s how we felt in the early months of the year, we had a lot of that desire to be born again, to play music, and we hoped we could also have concerts,” he explains. Vasco who will return anyway. From May. The epidemic allows. “This is Un classic rock album – Contrary to today’s trends, Vasco explained. All songs are played with real tools. It seems unreasonable but it is real. Unlike today’s products that are all produced with incorrect sounds. In one piece, at one point, I wanted to use auto-tuning, and I wanted to do it, but they told me I’m tuning too (laughs, so). I don’t write to please, I don’t write thinking what I’m going to say, I let myself go into the unconscious flowof inspiration. This is a fun, funny, casual and real album. I’m just honest about the songs“.

“Here we are full of problems, in balance in the inferno of reason”

“Here we’re in trouble. The title was this but then we left “Trouble” away. I wrote it before the pandemic. It’s a love song about the human condition that will be released into the world. It’s a song that carries the entire album. Show All these opinions Around you, everyone has an opinion on everything, on social media there are opinions of all kinds. We no longer think of being, but of having. We no longer know if we are Or the technology that develops inside us Because technology exploits our weaknesses, aggression, and anger. Here profit is important. You are not worth it unless you are useful. If you are not useful, you are marginalized and excluded. So if there are people who come from outside that are helpful, well, if they come from outside and you’re not that helpful, that’s not good. My words are always in a few words, they are like symbols and You have plenty of time to let them settle inside. We are here alone and disappointed. In short, it’s a straightforward song where I really told myself in constant equilibrium over the inferno of the mind, which already exists.”

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“In a two-eye relationship, you also have to close two eyes”

Among the songs that were preceding the disc is also ‘Love song thrown away“The relationship between spouses – explained the rocker – is always complex and difficult to maintain even if someone makes a mistake sometimes and just one night’s lie, You can get rid of everything. What I’m saying is that you have to understand that sometimes, You have to turn a blind eye. In order to be with a person and for a long time, for life, you must be able to turn a blind eye, and sometimes both. What matters is not behavior but Project done togetherA family project consisting of commitments and defending them from everyone and from oneself.

Without parties, I have no purpose in life.

“The last time I saw my republic He was six times at San SiroIt’s been two years, Vasco said. Historic disaster It turned the world upside down and upset a lot of everyone and me too. I never thought I would witness such a thing, it felt like we were living in a science fiction movie. Two summers passed without concerts. We were ready for the 2020 festivals, then postponed in the hope of obtaining it the following year but Then they also postponed the ones in 2021. I stayed like that for a bit, hanging on this period and realizing that they failed by not bringing parties My life’s important things. I found other hobbies like golf and horse but I am nothing without music. This time in 2022, we’ve thrown our hearts over the hurdle, hoping we can 100% hold concerts next summer. Hope that happensI’m just waiting for this winter to pass to be safe and it should be good this time. I even added the new dates, they became 11 dates from north to south around Italy. We start this year much earlier, on May 20 in Trento.”

‘Extremist rights blow on hate and fake news’

The “Eleventh Commandment” brings us Vasco more “political”. “There is a great flood of ignoranceYou cannot argue with ignorance—I see many who keep arguing and there is nothing to be done, said Vasco. It’s better to surrender, I am cynical, to the bitter end. The new rulers are right Watermelon and salvini Looming, they are all on the wave of extremism and fake news. Not only can they make laws in Parliament but going forward in this way they will also issue a new will. In Italy there are those who sow hatred and These are the irresponsible politicians Just to have more consensus, they are willing to conquer people’s fears and make everyone worse and everyone angry.” There is no escaping the thought of No Vax: “There is no point in discussing or trying to talk to us, There is nothing that can be done. They need to believe in these things. I believe in science“.

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Psalm, man and freedom of speech

Then Vasco freely stated his opinion of the artists and other events that occurred in recent months. For example in the file Unauthorized party of the psalm this summer: “Gesture to indicate a problem. Governments do not look at music and concerts. In these two years of the pandemic, many workers have stayed home, and others have lost their jobs. We need to start thinking about events with full potentialAnd also thanks to the success of the vaccination campaign.” The rockers greatly appreciate some young artists from the contemporary Italian scene such as my lady (“He sings with his soul and feels himself”), asserts that he appreciates manskin (“They earned a little Sanremo too thanks to me, fans voted for them. I love them because they brought in a good rock song”), White (“Very good”) and finally an invitation: “If you want to understand what today’s youth are like, then listen Sfeira simpler songsThey talk about money, big cars, Rolex and easy success. Don’t like this picture? But it is true.” Vasco then admitted that he often uses social media: “I’m an influencer too but I’m the only one who does it for free. But let us remember that artists depict what is happening and do not influence.” Finally, today more than ever, freedom of expression is important: “If I say my opinion, am I accused that I should only be a singer? I do what I want, I pay taxes and do not have housing in Monte Carlo Make sure “.

In Chaos and in the Forest of Feelings – Album Tale

Vasco Rossi accompanies us In the middle of the jungle of the world we live inWhere confusion and bitterness reign, all is not lost. in the album”we are here“Rock is pushing electric guitars and hard rock at the opening of the record. Many topics have been touched upon. Spread your arms in front of a social – and partly political – situation now disastrous (You can’t argue with ignorance. It is worth giving up. It pays to give up indefinitely), finding aMore liquidity in the liquid company and “the desire to make love is always the same.” It’s true that we’re “here, full of trouble” but we need to roll up our sleeves and move on. You just have to write it down, perhaps with a hint of irony: “And I can’t take it anymore because I understand I don’t enjoy it, because it doesn’t make sense anymore.” So what do you do? “It is better to get lost immediately. Do not panic‘Because ‘when you find that existence is just another breath… you will be ready to die to live, at last as you like’. After all, you are never alone, this Vasco always says in his songs, ‘I didn’t put the world back where it was but I found you againThus begins a mystical journey towards unknown destinations:Take this lie, make yourself comfortable, come with me in the wake of this dream. Let’s take a trip“.In the end, what connects people today is real.”Agreement with ransom, if it does not go well what is done“But feelings always win.”It’s not easy. you’re always right. My apologies are useless…but I can’t live without you“.

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Winning Team “We Are Here”

Russian Vasco All songs written in collaboration with Vince Bastano For rock arrangements of pieces “designed and written to be sung live”, and by Mr Celso Valley (“He’s excellent, Celso at the stories,” says Vasco) who is exceptionally – only doing it for Vasco recordings – playing piano as well as signing story arrangements. As for the music, the authors participated in several songs: Tullio FerroAnd Roberto Cassini NS Gaetano Corriere. To them should be added the most recent collaborators: Vince Bastano (“Young and New Talent”), Andrea Righi, Andrea Fornelli, Saverio Grande, Saverio Principini and Simone Cello. There is also a little Guido Elmi, in the music of the rock song “Tu ci ha l’hai con me” that he had begun writing with Vince Pàstano.

VASCO LIVE 2022: “Ready to start over”

will start in Trento on May 20 2022, with a special event, and it will end in Turin on June 30, 2022The tour that will bring Vasco back to the scene of the main Italian stadiums. To meet the huge demand for tickets, 6 new dates have been added to the already existing ones that have been carried out, for a total of 11 concerts and niceties throughout Italy, after Trento there are Milan (24 May), Imola (28 May), Florence (3 June), Naples (7 June), Rome (11 and 12 June), Messina (17 June), Bari (22 June), Ancona (26 June) and Turin (30 June)