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Soleil's mother shut up her life

Soleil’s mother shut up her life

Five in the afternoon

The shrewd Wendy is electrocuted by the Canale 5 host and faces off against Raffaella Fico, in guise representing the triumph of the Dursian trash

Slowly, the Dorsian litter, albeit on tiptoe, is back living on Canal 5. In the last few hours in afternoon 5 Barbara Dorso back to talk about it GF VIPEspecially in terms of itching. Like the old days. Curtain Heroes Aired November 1st Raffaella Vico NS Wendy, mother of Soleil rises.

Barbara Dorso’s living room was the first opportunity for the confrontation between Fico and Soleil’s mother. As you know, sparks flew inside the house between Raffella Fico and Soleil Sorge. When Raffaella Fico left the house, Soleil took her freedom with a salute “Goodbye B…Chapter” Which caused a lot of discussion. It was enough, let’s say a very slang expression, to cause quite a stir. The problem is that the term in question has a meaning that is, how do we say, controversial. There is a semantic gap between Italian and English: while in English it can also be used between friends (such as “s…..a) in Italian, it can have much more weight.

All the while, while Raffaella Fico kept repeating how seriously Soleil’s word was, Wendy didn’t understand the gravity of the situation, receiving dirty looks from Barbara d’Urso. Please don’t repeat it, it would also be a fun word but don’t repeat it here directly from me” Repeat the introduction several times. Not happy, Wendy repeated over and over: “c literally means a”.

This wasn’t the only occasion to be embarrassed by Sully’s mother at studio 5pm. Raffaella Fico’s Insults chapter is over, we’ve moved on to talking about a stolen kiss. Alex Bailey for the Italian-American model. On Halloween night, the actor caught the ball with his adorable co-star (who has been aiming for days) by organizing a movie kissing show. It is unfortunate that Alex Bailey was happily married and that his wife, Delia Duran, you didn’t take it very well.

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“He taught her and Sophie this movie part.” said shrewd Wendy, who all continued to stare. When you say mother’s heart!