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Tina Cipolari can’t help herself: “They decided to go out together” |  The live broadcast ends with a bang

Tina Cipolari can’t help herself: “They decided to go out together” | The live broadcast ends with a bang

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Tina Cipolari is unable to keep the secret and decides to reveal the truth to everyone. The episode ends with complete confusion, but who is he?

We’re back in the men’s and women’s theater In recent weeks, the show has continued to deliver a show with a series of twists and turns, some of which no one certainly imagined. So, for all those who haven’t been paying attention, let’s give a quick recap of what’s going on. Clearly, there was no shortage of surprises for either the classic throne or the massive throne.

The classic throne is the tronista Manuela Carrero Leave the program. For now, the female throne remains empty, but we’re sure Mariah already has some names in mind. Meanwhile, the social crowd is loudly clamoring for the seat of Heidi Bacchi, fresh off her experience on Big Brother, so we’ll see.

The debate also raged between the classical throne brando and beatrice, With the boy who accused her of being there just to attract attention, considering the post to be contrary to the program she had posted on social media in the past. But then we move to the upper throne, which is the juiciest. Gemma is always the center of attention, after she ended her relationship with Marcelo, she started seeing another man.

But in recent recordings this is what caused the “scandal”. Gianni Sperti, who suddenly rose from his chair and kissed Roberta da Padua passionatelyWhich astonished everyone, including Maria. Tina, who certainly doesn’t want to be left out, instead makes a revelation that no one expected. What secret was revealed?

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Tina Cipolari makes the reveal live

Tina Cipolari is a one-of-a-kind commentator. He always manages to find the answer or phrase ready for any occasion. This time, however, he did not end up in his sights with a tronista or a suitor, as often happens, but with his colleague, Gianni Sperti.

As many know, after the Mediaset changes, it was believed that the two would not be present this year, but instead would be performing as well. At the end of the episode, Tina calls Maria and tells her she has to get an inspection.

Will a new pair of men and women be born?

Who knows if this will be the beginning of a new love story, a truly wonderful person, what is certain is that Gianni Sperti with that passionate kiss left everyone speechless. An unexpected gesture that Tina couldn’t help but laugh at, just like her character. “Maria, I wanted to give you a preview… Gianni and Roberta decided to go out together“.

Between sarcasm and seriousness, Tina concludes the episode of Men and Women in this way. certainly A kiss between the two will give the cooperative opinion holder plenty of room to target her colleague.