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Arcade: Apex Rebels, the new reckless driving experience

Arcade: Apex Rebels, the new reckless driving experience

Get ready to unleash your inner racer with Apex Rebels, the new arcade game from Sega Amusements, which debuted at the Iaapa trade show in Orlando, Florida.

Written by Vincenzo Giacometti

Apex Rebels is the new product they launched Sega Entertainment In the gallery Iaapa Gallery in Orlando: A product that delivers lifelike video game action that is essential for arcade, FEC and entertainment operators, providing an unparalleled racing experience. With a global launch event held at SEGA Amusements by Kaizen Entertainment booth 1006 in Iaapa, scheduled for November 14-17 at the Orlando County Convention Center in Florida.
“Apex Rebels is designed to satisfy both casual and hardcore players. The intelligent adaptive difficulty system ensures everyone can have fun, while experienced racers will find great challenges in the game’s clever racing mechanics. Apex Racing aims to ignite your racing spirit, and encourage you to keep coming back for more. More – you have to try it at the show. Marty Smith, US sales manager for Sega Amusements.
With five high-octane race cars to choose from, players have the power to control their own racing destiny on the track. Players begin their journey by passing through one of three checkpoints that will determine the driving route best suited to their racing style. Passing through progressive checkpoints increases speed and unlocks advanced abilities such as Slipstream, Power Drifts, and Aero-Drifts. Aero-Drift is an innovative technology that lifts the car, allowing players to race through turns at incredible speeds, effortlessly outpacing their rivals. Every aspect of the game is designed to be exciting and encourage a competitive spirit that sees players defeat their rivals and engage for an extra boost, giving them an edge to claim victory!

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Apex Rebels’ stunning cabinet is a sight in itself. With its exceptional race car design, vibrant LED lighting and eye-catching racing colors, it’s sure to turn heads anywhere. A massive 65-inch LED screen and massive panoramic LED video board display the standings and track map, encouraging spectators to get into the action and cheer on their favorite drivers.
“Apex Rebels is one of the best video games of all time, beating out its closest competitors by a wide margin. The reception to the game has been exceptional, a testament to the game’s clever racing mechanics and stunning presentation that encourages social racing. Every aspect of the game points to its high-quality entertainment The value, and with the support revenue, is a must-have product for sites around the world. Justin Burke, Director of Sales at Sega Amusements.