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Dancing with the Stars, Tu Sì que vales and Macondo- Corriere.it


Below are the TV ratings for yesterday, Saturday, November 4. The most watched prime-time program was Talent you deserve this In Canale 5, after the usual challenge with Dancing with the stars On opinion 1.

Below are the ratings obtained by the individual networks:

On Rai 1, the third episode Dancing with the stars (Here are our report cards): 3,075,000 viewers for a 22.4% share.

On Rai 2 TV series SWAT: 669,000 viewers, with a share of 3.8%.

On Rai 3, the second episode Macondo: 348,000 viewers, with a share of 2.3%.

In Rete 4 movie Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure: 529,000 viewers, or 3.2%.

On Channel 5, the seventh episode of the talent show you deserve this (Here are our report cards): 3,856,000 viewers for a 27.9% share.

In Italy 1 movie My voice: 673,000 viewers, with a share of 3.9%.

On La7, column In other words: 1,020,000 viewers, with a share of 5.7%.

On TV8, Speed ​​Racing Formula 1 GP San PaoloDelayed (here’s the rating): 658,000 viewers, a 3.5% share.

Sol Novi, talk show Agreements and disagreements: 388 thousand viewers, with a share of 2.2%.

November 5, 2023 (Modified November 5, 2023 | 10:22)

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