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Timings and guarantee periods for ATM traffic strike in Milan

Timings and guarantee periods for ATM traffic strike in Milan

Black Monday on the horizon. October 9 is the day chosen by the unions for a national strike by local public transport workers. In Milan, subways, buses, and trams are in danger of ATM workers who can wring their hands all day.

The strike, called by private union USB, was originally scheduled for September 29, but decided to reduce the strike to 4 hours after the intervention of the transport ministry. So the union’s preference is another day, another strike.

“In Milan, the strike may have effects between 8.45am and 3pm and after 6pm, until the end of service,” ATM, the company that manages TPL in the Milanese capital, told passengers. Therefore, two guaranteed bands will be provided: 8.45 am to 3 pm to 6 pm circulation of vehicles is guaranteed. Outside these hours, there is a risk of vehicles being stopped.

A different story from Autoguidovie, a local bus company: “Journeys on numbers 201, 220, 222, 230, 328, 423, 431, 433 are guaranteed from 5.30 am to 8.29 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm” , ATM itself declared.

The strike, Foro Bonaparte recalled, was announced “for the cancellation of increases in service and energy tariffs, for the prevention of military spending and for the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, for the violation of entry wages, the need to change.” For the protection of workers, for a minimum wage of 10 euros an hour, for the free exercise of the right to strike, for the law of representation, a criterion that sees public money being burned through contracts and subcontracts to companies that provide poor quality services”. In addition, Al Kobas “condemns the behavior of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which was reduced to 4 hours of the 24-hour strike previously called for September 29 and postponed to October 9, as violating the constitution. The strike was warranted.

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