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Naples issues stolen scratch card: 69-year-old buyer can now receive 500 500,000 prize

Naples issues stolen scratch card: 69-year-old buyer can now receive 500 500,000 prize

69-year-old woman in possession Success Scratch Card Purchased a Naples Finally you can request a gift from 500 million euros It belongs to it. The culprit ticket was actually there Released from captivity As a result the Director General of the Customs and Monopoly Agency “was immediately appointed – the agency said – the manager of the number games and lottery office, Stefano Saracchi, Buy coupons from the administration of Latina Carabinieri Barack duly, at the same time authorize the offer lottery Nacionali Srl and start the process Premium fee“.

The good news that ends the story involving a 69-year-old woman who witnessed the theft of her half-million-euro coupon from a tobacco vendor is that she was stopped at the airport when she was identified. Fumicino When trying to board a plane Canary Islands.

The public prosecutor recalls that, in fact, “investigations do not raise suspicions to find the culprit arrested”, so reiterated what the woman with the ticketed old Neapolitan could collect. She deserves it. Director of the Company, Marcello Minenna, “Expressed deep satisfaction with the positive evolution of the affair. The corporate collaboration between the excise company, the Customs and Monopoly, the Carabinieri and the Judicial Authority and the concession lottery Nacionali SRL has given a great result.

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