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This is the only living animal that is impossible to kill: it would even withstand the fall of an asteroid

This is the only living animal that is impossible to kill: it would even withstand the fall of an asteroid

You won’t believe it, but it really exists. Here is the only living animal that is impossible to kill. She can stand up to anything

Immortality, or at least maximum longevity, has always been one of mankind’s dreams. There are almost eternal animals that can boast centuries and centuries of life, at the expense of those creatures with a very short lifespan.

However, there are organisms that, in addition to having a particularly long life, are truly indestructible. We are talking about an animal with the highest resistance among all living things And that he could even survive the fall of an asteroid. But let’s see together what it is.

Here it is hardy and it is impossible to kill the animal

When it comes to immortal and almost indestructible animals One cannot fail to mention the tardigrades. It is a tiny organism – ranging in size from about 0.05 mm to a maximum of 1.2 mm – and its name means “animal that walks slowly”. It is an invertebrate and looks very much like a caterpillarBut his main advantage is that he never dies. It can be exposed to a highly toxic gas or to particularly high radiation. Tardigrades will survive all those situations in which a man can give up even in a few seconds.

This animal is truly indestructible – BioPlanet

According to scientists, this animal will be able to survive even after the fall of an asteroid capable of literally disrupting the climate of our planet.. Moreover, it is able to live anywhere, even in water or in any climate, from absolute freezing temperatures to the sweltering desert heat of late July. Tardigrades have a head and four segments called metamers, from which small legs emerge. They feed on anything and their main feature is that they are easy to disinfect, that is, they do not contain multiplying cells, which increase in size, but not in number.

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And in the case of life in a very hot and arid environment, this tardigrade Production of substances that help cells not to be damaged by lack of water. And if the drought continues for a long time, these cells enter a state of absolute hibernation, in order to reduce the vital functions of the organism. Tardigrades are able to maintain this state of absolute hibernation for decades, in order to awaken as soon as environmental conditions permit. In short, a real indestructible organism!