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“This is the future”: these are the words of the minister of the first country in the world to eliminate meat from its diet

“This is the future”: these are the words of the minister of the first country in the world to eliminate meat from its diet

There has been debate for some time about whether or not you should eat meat. But now an important country is taking a dramatic step forward, banning it

The meat debate has been an increasingly hot topic of discussion for some time. This discussion focuses on three main aspects: health, environment and ethics. While some advocate meat consumption as an essential part of their diet, others seek to promote more sustainable and ethical alternatives. But today comes the turning point: It is the first country in the world to remove meat from its diet.

An important country removes meat from its diet

An interesting decision because despite the resistance, it cannot be denied that eating meat is one A source of protein It is an essential source of nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamin B12. However, meat has been associated with a number of… Health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Experts point out that following a balanced diet, which includes meat in moderate quantities, can be healthy, but excessive consumption of red or processed meat is associated with health risks.

However, today there is a country in the world that is choosing a harsher and harsher line and thus going as far as excluding meat from its diet. It has long been argued that the individual and collective choices we make and will make about meat will affect our future in terms of… Health and sustainability.

A country is eliminating meat from its diet

It appears that the decision has become official, with the publication Action plan Nutrition relies more on the consumption of plant foods, Above all, respect for the climate. Those affected by this action plan will be, first and foremost, School canteens and the public sector in general.

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Denmark is eliminating meat
Denmark’s plan to remove meat from the

Therefore, it is from Denmark is moving forward on this very thorny issue. But the Copenhagen government seems hell-bent on giving its citizens that line. But behind this choice there may also be (as often happens) economic reasons, because we know what Denmark wants To become a European and global leader in the production of the much-discussed artificial meat.

The government has already allocated about 100 million euros to this sector at the beginning of 2023. Even if it is clear, at least officially, that the motivation given by these institutions is purely climate-related. The words of Agriculture Minister Jacob Jensen were clear: “Plant-based foods are the future.”