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Sydney, a surfer collides with a whale

Sydney, a surfer collides with a whale

More than just a close encounter with Pisces A 55-year-old Australian surfer was literally swamped by whales while returning from the waters of Mona Vale Beach in Sydney.. the man, Jason BreenFortunately, he came out of the collision alive and was also able to capture the extraordinary event using his GoPro camera.

“I was just starting to get out of the water and realized it was a whale,” Breen told 9News Today in Australia. The video, captured on a GoPro, shows Brin intending to practice Wing Foiling — a windsurfing-like sport that involves standing on a board and holding onto a wind-driven sail — when the whale suddenly jumps out of the water and collides with him. Surfer. After dropping his board and being pulled into the ocean, the surfer was eventually able to return to the surface and continue filming himself.

“When the whale attacked me, it got stuck on the rope tied to my leg. As it was diving, I was pulled down,” the 55-year-old said, adding that the whale lowered it to a depth of about 30 feet. . “Fortunately I heard the rope break and from there I freed myself and was able to return to the surface. I thank my lucky stars that something that should not have broken broke and tore the harness,” the surfer’s words. “The whole thing was extraordinary, one in a million,” he said, explaining that the impression was that it was a small sample.

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