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“This is the best example of a big brother.”

“This is the best example of a big brother.”

Sarah Ritchie It was said in the new episode of Casa CheTalk show he hosts Sophie Codejoni. Former contestant L Big brother She only recently left the game and in this guest appearance she wanted to retrace her reality TV journey, and also gave a few words to some of the tenants she shared the house with.

Sarah Ritchie and the Big Brother Experience

Sarah Ritchie began by talking about her bereavement Beatrice Luzzi. In fact, the latter had recently left home due to the loss of her father, only to return later. “I think everyone experiences mourning however they want. Then there is the work for us– said the former Jevina regarding Lozi's mourning, and then continued:She will have armed herself with strength and courage and will move forward“.

Speaking about the male contestants on the current edition of Big Brother, Sarah explained that she didn't find anyone aesthetically interesting. However, he wanted to say nice words about some of the tenants: Marco Maddalone, Vittorio Minuzzi H Paolo Masella. “Vittorio is a wonderful person. Marco? Yes, but I like them very feminine, very cultured, so Vittorio could have been that“said the former Givina, who then continued to Vittorio:”he is a wonderful person. It's the best example of Big Brother this year. I would love it if he could win somehow“Nice words, as we mentioned earlier, also from Paolo: “I would also like Paulo to win. He has a special story, and for him winning could mean a real change in his life“.

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Speaking about her experience on Big Brother, Sarah Ritchie admitted she had done little for the show and had little to say: “What little I said was unframedMoreover, the former Jevina explained how one cannot enter such programs without knowing them: “Maybe I should have been smarter, so maybe that's what I was missing, the smarts of knowing what I was getting at in the meantime.However, when asked who she thought was the most misbehaved in the Big Brother house, Sarah Ritchie replied: “In my opinion everyone“. He later admitted: “I probably would have acted more, but I would have been more interesting, too. Instead, at first I was pretty much myself“.

There's also room to fire up the haters. At Casa Che, Sarah Ritchie confided that she had never before faced insults as strong as those directed at her. Speaking about how she experiences this aspect, her ex Gevina explained: “I enjoyed it very muchHe later denied being arrogant: “I spend my time with many hungry artists, and make art my life. More extreme than arrogant if anything“.

Previous interview with Verissimo

In December, Sarah Ritchie was a guest Silvia Tofani a very right. Here, however, is a well-known presenter Channel 5 He threw several digs at his ex, Jefina, even going so far as to laugh in her face. In particular, this episode occurred when Tuvanen asked Sarah Ritchie if she wanted and thought she would win. But when he asked the question, the announcer burst out laughing.