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Audio come al cinema grazie alla nuova soundbar Sonos Ray

Cinema-like sound with the new Sonos Ray speakers

The brand launched its Sonos Ray compact speakers, unveiling three stylish new colors for the Sonos Roam smart speaker.

announced Sonos new speakers It expands the home theater and mobile range, giving listeners more ways to easily connect with the content they love. As with all Sonos products, all-new speakers deliver premium sound that helps you hear more and hear more at home and on the go. Brand launch Sonos RayOne Compact loudspeaker which provides incredible sound despite its size, unveiling three new and stylish colors for the Sonos Roomminor smart speaker Bluetooth is very portable.

Sonos takes you to the cinema

Like all other products of the well-known brand, the new speakers also guarantee exceptional sound that allows you to listen to more content in a more engaging way whether at home or on the go. Ray will be available worldwide On June 7 for €299 And Roam, in the new tricolor, already From today to 199 euros. “The house has been transformed into a cinema, gym, game room and more: in the age of broadcasting, content is no longer just TV series, music and movies”has announced Patrick SpenceSonos CEO. “With Ray, improving your listening experience is easier than ever, thanks to its compact size and incredible sound”.

  • Sonos Ray The compact subwoofer sets new standards in home entertainment with innovative acoustic elements that ensure perfectly balanced sound, crystal-clear dialogue and deep bass. Ray will be available worldwide on June 7, 2022 A €299.
  • Sonos Room Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, now available in three colors: Olive, Wave, and Sunset at 199 euros .
  • In addition to these new products Ascend presentationAnd Sonos Voice Control The first audio experience created exclusively for listening to Sonos. Voice Control will be available in the US via a free software update on June 1st, with more states to follow.
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Ray sets new standards in home entertainment with innovative audio elements that ensure perfectly balanced sound, crystal-clear dialogue and deep bass, while Roam is now available in three new colors:

  • olives: It refers to the greenery of the landscape, from cactus plants in the desert to pristine gardens.
  • Wave: Reminiscent of the serenity of beaches along the coast and lazy days by the pool.
  • sunset: Reminiscent of the warm colors of the desert sand and the bright colors of the evening sky.

Alternatively, the originals are always available in a white or black version. Top AmazonFor example, you can find it by clicking on the links below at the following prices: