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Auditions, competitors and blue apron were eliminated

Auditions, competitors and blue apron were eliminated

Friday, September 16, from 9:20 p.m at presentA new episode is scheduled to be broadcast Undo. To lead Benedetta ParodiAccompanied by judges Tommaso Foglia, Ernest Knam H Damiano Carrara. The topic of the episode is American sweets. In the Creative test Contestants must revisit New York cheesecake. During the heat TechniqueInstead, aspiring pastry chefs should prepare apple pie. And finally for A surprise examThe challengers try out the brownie recipe.

Bake Off September 16 Governors Edition

Bake Off September 16, episode begins

After a short preview, the episode begins Undo On September 16th. The title of the third seasonal event is The American dream: In fact, the competitors try all their sweets from the United States. to Creative test-Contestants must cook New York cheesecake. Aspiring pastry chefs should also make biscuits to use as a cheesecake base. The heat lasts 140 minutes. Alessio seems a bit nervous during the preparation, admitting that he doesn't remember the dosages of the ingredients. On the other hand, Gianbattista says he focuses “Like a reserve“.

Finish the creative challenge Undo On September 16th. Gaia and Alessio are not satisfied with their results. Meanwhile, the tastings begin. There is one of the best Leonardowhose cheesecake is defined by Knam as “Artistic opera“, Margarita, Geneva, Paula And the blue apron David. There are some of the worst Gianbattista H Stefano: The first one did not cook his cake well, while the second one burned it.

Creative testCreative test

Technical testing

a Undo On September 16, we start… Technical test. Competitors should try their hand'Apple pie. This dessert is very complex due to the cooling periods of the dough and the pinning technique used to seal the filling. Along with the cake, contestants must serve three accompanying frostings: one with whiskey, one with pecans, and the last with applesauce. The heat lasts two and a half hours. Many aspiring pastry chefs prepared the cake a few minutes late. Leo was moved to think of his grandmother, who had recently died.

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The tastings, which take place in the dark, begin. The challenge proved to be extremely difficult, creating major problems for some of the heroes. Damiano Carrara, Ernest Knam H Tommaso Foglia Ranking revealed: The last one is Gianbattistawhile the penultimate one is Maria. They finish on the podium Mukesh, David H Paula, In third, second and first place, respectively.

Bake Off September 16 Full castBake Off September 16 Full cast

Bake Off September 16, surprise trial and verdicts

The last test for Undo September 16 is that UnawaresIts duration is two and a half hours. For this event, contestants must create a tower of brownies at least 50 cm high. Moreover, sweets should be of three different types. David, with the blue apron, is distinguished by her ability to make only two different types of sweets. During preparation, someone burned the chocolate in the microwave.

The main difficulties relate to the construction of the tower. In fact, many buildings collapsed, for example those that Paula, Stefania H Maria. The result of the heat is very disastrous. There are some of the best Gianbattista, Margarita, David H Stefano, The only one who created a composition at least 50 cm high. It's time for judgment. David He wins his second consecutive blue apron. But the one who got eliminated is him Stefania. And it ends here Undo On September 16th.