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“This is how I spent the winning money. I paid a fine for not going to Buona Domenica.”

“This is how I spent the winning money. I paid a fine for not going to Buona Domenica.”

This was the second edition of a reality show, one of the first in Italy, and the winner was a 26-year-old boy. Alessandro Lukacs. I Big brother It was a television show that was not yet known, and the dynamics of the composition that the audience knew were not known at the time: everything was more spontaneous, or at least that is what the audience at home thought.

Young Alessandro gave a long interview to TvBlog, in which he revealed what he did with the winnings money.

Winning money

“I participated out of boredom and nonsense. I was 26, had come from a long period of studies in medicine and dentistry and wanted to get away for a while. I signed up for funDon’t believe it too much. I had no feeling that they could actually get me. There was no social media and the internet was very different than it is today. A banner for the program randomly appeared and I clicked on it out of curiosity. I have left my contact details written; A few days later they called me. I wanted to be a dentist and in the end that’s what I did. From GF’s profits I did not buy motorcycles, watches or cars, I invested everything in studies and training courses. And I paid the penalties. I was going to take a vacation for 2-3 months, wanted a temporary change of scenery and chose the craziest way to do it. I could have chosen a trip, but instead I chose an experience that was too weird to talk about. The contestants had contracts that ran until the following June. You had to go on some shows, including Buna Dominica. The first and second time she accepted, then she boycotted us and we went to court,” Alessandro Lukacs revealed during the interview, stressing that he rejected invitations to attend the program because it was not his environment.

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“I didn’t like the performance. It was not my environment and it is not. Moreover, it meant staying in Rome on Saturday and Sunday and I wanted to devote myself to snowboarding in the mountains on the weekends. Happy Sunday was not up my alley. Let’s be clear: I had a lot of fun, but I’m doing what I love. I took the best I could take,” Alessandro concluded, happy with his path and choices after the fact.

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