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Mina, here’s how to reduce it today: seen more than 40 years later

It is impossible to forget Mina, because – to be honest – we are talking about one of the singers who inextricably marked the history of Italian music. But what happened today? Here are all the details about it… Spotted 40 years after she left!

Anna Maria Mazzini, known as my king She is – for sure – one of the most beloved singers in Italy. His success began in the 1950s, when he was in his early twenties. Now many are wondering How did you become And what do you do in life…

Mina Mazzini Yobe

my king He has translated more than 1,500 songs and won many awards. In the 1960s and 1970s she was with Eva Zanicchi, Ornella Vanoni and Uretta Berti part of the great female voices. Plus, she’s been on stage with the greats, too Famous international artiststo name a few – Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong.

He disappeared from the scene for 40 years

Today women have 82 years old It was completed in March and it was almost 40 years ago when he decided – in a completely unexpected way – to leave the world of entertainment. Until today, this has never been understoodthe reason for his disappearancebut in recent years the artist has never stopped following his passion, that is music, also collaborating with the legendary Moleggiato, seen only in a comedic version that is gentle and totally irresistible, tempered by his supporters.

Was she ashamed of her appearance?

It’s been more than 40 years since Mina suddenly stopped appearing in public. The reasons for this choice – we repeat it again – have never been clarified, but at the time it was thought of as an aesthetic factor, as if the singer He was ashamed of his appearance. This fact appeared – first of all – after Pregnancy Mona When many noticed her physical change, but no one – of course – expected that she would stop performing for this reason!

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How is the singer Mina today?
Mina Mazzini Today YouBee

Over time, the famous artist stopped seeing her, so much so that she decided to move in Swissand stay away from the paparazzi and paparazzi world gossip He is the absolute master in Italy. In recent years – as mentioned earlier – She never stopped making musicsince he went on to collaborate with many singers, but always without us ever seeing him and making it clear to us – making his voice heard – that if his physical appearance had changed so much, the same could not – certainly – be said about His vocal skills are still excellent!

at present my king It seems that he does not want to return to the stage yet, but Amadeus would like to San Remo with him. And her fans, who haven’t seen her in a long time, apart from some stolen snaps from the paparazzi, dating back a few years ago that we’re showing you, are going to love her so much! Who will decide The great artist? Will he respond to the request of the conductor beloved by the Italians and to the magic of the famous singing festival?