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This 4K tour of the moon is simply stunning – check it out (you'll feel like you're there)

This 4K tour of the moon is simply stunning – check it out (you'll feel like you're there)

In the fall of 2011, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Mission (LRO) toured the Moon. Here is the video in very high resolution

Thanks to the investigation data LRO From NASA, it is possible to take a virtual tour of the Moon with very high resolution. Since 2009 Lunar reconnaissance vehicle Located around the Moon: Over the years, a series of important discoveries have been made regarding our natural Moon.

What the lunar reconnaissance probe discovered on the moon's surface

The orbiter found areas of potential The presence of ice Inside the pits and caves in the shade. The data processed by the spacecraft helps scientists better understand the age of the craters and basins where the lava was located, and will also be useful for future human missions to the Moon.

By the way, future manned lunar missions could cover the regions of the Moon's north pole, mountain tops, and crater rims. Another possible landing site on the moon for future astronauts is… Aristarchus PlateauIt is an ancient volcano with a very bright crater that can be seen with the naked eye. LRO infrared images then revealed the presence of minerals such as silicates, pyroxene and plagioclase, which give us clues to materials present on the moon long ago.

LRO data

LRO officer
Frame of video. Credit: NASA

LRO data not only informs the planning of future human missions to the Moon, but also reveals interesting details regarding lunar landing sites for the Apollo program. In particular, the landing site is visible in the video Apollo 17 In a valley Taurus Litrowhere the footprints of the astronauts, the lunar module, and even the lunar module are still clearly visible, Legendary Challenger.

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