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Crazy Easter weather: Between the storms, temperature changes, and even the sun, but…

Crazy Easter weather: Between the storms, temperature changes, and even the sun, but…

Easter forecasts have always been the most turbulent Because it falls in a very sensitive period between the advance of spring and the last post-winter gasps. This year, to tell the truth, the expectations for Holy Week seem to be well-defined so far, even if it is consistent with tradition that circumstances will suddenly change in the space of a few days.

sIt will begin on Tuesday the 26th with the passage of the first disturbance Which will hit almost all regions from west to east, and snow will also reach the Alps above 1,200 meters on average:

Then there is also the front on Wednesday the 27th Which will bring a second rainy phase, with snow levels in the Alps rising above 1,500 metres, and then the exciting, albeit partial, return of the anticyclone, favored by the very southerly orientation of a deep basin in the west of the continent:

This is between Thursday 28 and Saturday 30 March Rain will be less frequent and temperatures will rise sharply, especially in the center and south, as shown in this map at an altitude of 1,500 meters scheduled for Saturday, March 30, in the afternoon:

However, the trough will soon overtake the anticyclonic promontory, bringing new rainfall starting around Easter From the northwest to include the entire peninsula between Easter Monday and Tuesday, April 2:

Here is a summary picture of rainfall throughout the period extending from Tuesday 26 to Tuesday 2 Aprilwhich confirms what has also been said in recent days, namely the presence of worrying peaks in Ossola, but also noticeable phenomena in the rest of the north and in Tuscany, secret on the Tyrrhenian Sea and Sardinia, and rare in the Adriatic Sea: